Yoshi Adventures! Cool logo, no?

 New! From the minds of Kevin Fox and Yoshida Akira, and from the pencil marks of LunaYoshi, come the intriguing, the exciting, the yoshi-riffic adventures of Yoshi and Boshi in: Yoshi Adventures! The online comic portraying the many... er... adventures... that Yoshi and Boshi encounter! What are Yoshi and Boshi up to today? Click and find out!

Issue #1 Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
Issue #2 Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4...

Note: Due to my busy work schedule and lack of interest, page 3 is the last page I'll be working on for this comic. I'll soon be posting a brief summary of the script in case anyone else wants to complete the comic themselves.

"U B dissin' Articuno?" -a cheap 5-minute strip of Articuno-fans Luna and Sparkle and Sparkle's loudmouthed Mew, Mystic.


"Death to Posers!"- This is what happens to chumps out there who erase my name from my art and call it theirs. Bwahahaha... >=)


"Y-Team Random Comic, pg 1"- I got an idea one day and decided to comicize it, even though it was sorta pointless. O.o Couldn't fit it onto one page, so page two's on the way to explain what's going on.


"Y-Team Random Comic, pg 2"- Whew-- the second, very wordy page of this little incident from a nonexistent Y-team Fanfic. This just plain took me FOREVER! >_< And no, there are no pages of this comic before or after these two.

"Hey, Sexy!"- A comic featuring my RL friends' and my old EverQuest characters. This took me around an hour per frame to color, hoy. X_x NOTE: Rated PG-13 for implied nudity and suggestive themes.