Through all the emails I get each day, I've noticed that many of you ask basically the same questions. To help save you time, I've cooked up a FAQ section to answer them all. Here's where I've covered questions regarding me, my art, and this website.

Q. How long have you been in this community?
A. I was in a bit of an AOL yoshi community for awhile, until it started branching out into the World Wide Web. I first joined June of 1997, but I didn't get a scanner and start drawing yoshies until September.

Q. When did you first make your website?
A. This site was first established in March of 1998. It's had over 300,000 page views, but until I can find a reliable counter, you're just going to have to take my word for it. The one I originally had stopped working when I moved my site off of AOL.

Q. How many layouts have you had?
A. Total, about 7 or 8. ^_^;; Probably 9 now with the layout I just made. I'm a perfectionist, and after staring at a layout for a month or two, all the flaws start to stick out, and I'm forced to fix it. Don't be surprised if I end up redesigning it again.

Q. What art program do you use for your art?

A. I use a wonderful program called Paint Shop Pro 5.03. ^_^ Every now and then I throw in a Photoshop 5.5 filter or two. You can download a trial version of PSP at the Jasc website: And no, cannot and will not send it to you through email or otherwise.

Q. How did you get to be so good?

  A. Practice, mostly. I practice art rigorously... it's an impulse. O_o If I don't draw, I get moody. Then I get all these creative ideas one after the other until I draw them all out. I learned how to draw mostly from my old Sonic the Hedgehog comics (hence my sonic-like furry style), but now that I'm older I'm expanding my abilities a bit.

Q. How long have you been an artist?
A. If you consider coloring coloringbook pictures since I was 3 "being an artist", then 17 years. =P I've always been kind of artsy, I think I was the only kid in my 2nd grade class who could draw better than stick-figures. But I didn't officially become one until I was in 4th grade. (Until then, I only wanted to be a scientist and "invent stuff" =P).

Q. Can you draw me a pic? Pretty please?
A. I get this one a lot. NO, I'm sorry, due to my busy schedule, I cannot and will not draw your chars. The only chance you might get is to bid on my Commissions, if I ever put one up for auction. When I do, I'll post a notice on my Updates page.

Q. Well, if you can't draw me a pic, can you make me a  logo for my website?/Can you join my staff?/Can you help me with my webpage?
A. No, no, and no. I don't have the time, same with my art. And by the way, it's really frustrating when you pull the guilt trip on me when I say no.

Q. I downloaded PSP like you said. Now how do I get my pics to look like yours?
A. You don't. Figure out your own style, learn how to use it on your own. I don't appreciate people copying my style of drawing or coloring. C'mon, people, be creative! Amaze me with your own ways of computer coloring! =)

Q. Oh, c'mon, lighten up. People copy people's styles all the time. What's the big deal?
A. Copying is understandable if you're younger, but once you've matured and are able to develop your own style, you should. The person whose style you've copied did just that, and most likely don't appreciate you taking the easy way out in developing your style. Spare them some frustration and try to be as original as you can, please. Originality is what impresses people, not fancy duplication. Well, there's my two cents.

Q. When you don't computer color, what media do you use?

A: Colored pencil (Roseart for fine areas, Prangs for deeper colors) and markers (Pentel), mostly.

Q. Can I use some of you old backgrounds/images/layouts for my own webpage?
A. Ask me first. Some things I would prefer to keep unless I want to use them again, kay? But to prevent any disappointment, just assume that I won't.

Q. Can I link to your site? Can you link back to me in return?
A. You can link to me all you want. :) You don't have to ask, really. But sadly, links aren't my first priority when it comes to my site. In fact, it's one of the last. So I doubt I'll be able to link to you. :\ It doesn't hurt to send me a link, though. If I like it enough I might set aside the time to review it and add it. :)

Q. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A. Err... I get this alot, surprisingly. No, I don't have one. And I'm straight, by the way.

Q. Is Yoshi Fighter an actual game?
A. I've been getting this one a lot recently, too. No, it's not an actual game, it's only a line of pics.
Q. Can I make it into a game?
A. ... I've gotten fifty billion peeps telling me they can and not one has come through. Go for it, but it requires a TREMENDOUS amount of work, and I'm not going to help you with it.

Q. When will you be adding more pages to the Yoshi comic?

A. No, I'm sorry, I've just completely lost interest. -_-`;; All inspiration for it is gone. Please stop bugging me about it, you're only killing off what little inspiration I have left when you do that.

Q. I really like your webpage and would like to help out. How can I?

A. I always appreciate people visiting my website on a regular basis. ^_^ The more counter hits I get, the happier I get, and the more inclined I get to do something for you. If you would like to help in other ways, keeping a lookout for websites stealing stuff from my own would help me greatly. For now, don't bother asking to be on my staff. I don't have a staff, nor am I willing to manage one. Too many risks involved, sorry.

Q. That music you have on your main page is awesome. What's it from?
A. It's a remix of the Sunset Park Act 3 theme from Sonic Triple Trouble for SEGA Game Gear. The remix itself is called "Blazing Dusk," and it can be found at in the appropriate section. It does rock, though, doesn't it?