Furry Site Description
My old Naku website. Offers a little more information than the Sanctuary does. If I ever decide to revive it elsewhere, the link to it will be here.
Popular furry/Sonic site owned and maintained by Artie Prower; Lots of furry art here, I even have my own archive. =3
Quality furry art hosting site; One of my favorites
Hosts many furry artists' archives, including many of the artists residing in the Yoshi and Sonic communities.
I got this banner image from Team Artail Monthly comic series starring Sabrina the Skunk. Another favorite.
Not as dirty as it sounds; Wonderful furry and animé art by Rose Besch
Dawn Best's furry art site. She's currently an artist in my favorite Sonic comic. ^_^
Rina Cat's Anime and Furry art website. Geeze, she's so good...
Dean Dodrill's website. He's REALLY good at flash movies. @_o

Flyer's art site. Visiteth, you! @_x Flyer's coolsville.
Lady Laguna's art website. Spiffay furry art here! :3
BumbleKing Productions Home of three VERY cool Sonic fancomics. Check out Other-M!
Green Hill Zone The place for ANYTHING Sonic- or Sonic Team-related. If you haven't the faintest clue who the Sonic chars that I've drawn are, you should go here and check them out here.
Room 42 Excellent furry webcomic. Funny stuff. ^_^ I like the drawing style.


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