Below are some banners and images you can use if you choose to link back to our site. Please note that you do not need permission to link to us, go right ahead. =) Just don't link directly to the images below-- please SAVE THEM to your own directory. Thankyee...

IMAGES Choose from the selection below:

Jade icon Trixi icon Flora icon
Miya icon Yoshi icon  


Arrow icon

Nirvana icon
Akinori icon
Lance icon

Then use this HTML code:

  <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="icon3.gif"  BORDER="0" ALT="Luna's Sanctuary"></A>

If you use one of the banners, do NOT link directly to them. Please upload them into your own directory.

To Use a Hyperlink:

Use this HTML code for the hyperlink:

  <B><A HREF="">Luna's Sanctuary</A></B>

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