Full name: Akinori
Race: Giant Panda
Age: ?
Eye Color: Sky blue
Fur Color: White with bluish-green markings
Birthplace: ?
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Akinori is a very shy, timid creature. Rarely does he speak his mind or act strongly toward anything. He prefers to leave things as they are. He becomes upset when others fight and will often attempt to help those involved sort out their differences calmly. He has a well-developed nature affinity and is sensitive towards its wellness.
Not much is known about Akinori as he is a recent admittant into the Naku community.
Unique Relationships: He shares a unique surregate-sibling kinship with Sri.
Special Abilities: Healing through spiritual techniques
Typical Quote: (not many available, as he doesn't talk much)