Full name: Doraemon
Race: (Fruit?)Bat
Age: ?
Eye Color: Goldenrod
Skin Color: Rose and grey
Birthplace: ?
Alliance: Evil (?)
Marital Status: unknown
Characteristics: Filled with unchanneled anger, Dorae is obsessed with wreaking revenge on those who he claims destroyed his village. Hostile and driven, he listens to no one but his groupmates, convinced that they are the only ones he can trust.
Background: Rumor has it he was emotionally scarred as a youth through the gruesome slaughter of his family by a band of criminals. No one has seen him without a glimmer of anger in his eye. He's currently a member of a traveling group of missionaries bent on conquering Naku forest and all of its surroundings.
Unique Relationships: Being her captor, he has gotten to know a little about Corinne.
Special Abilities: Limited flying, nightvision
Typical Quote: "The blood I shed tonight will be minute in comparison to that which you spilt five years ago, heathen!!!"