So ya wanna get in contact with me? Good luck. =P But really, I'm lazy when it comes to communication, so it may take ya a few tries. Before you Email or IM me, though, PLEASE take the time to browse through my FAQ's section. I get tired of answering the same questions over and over. Here are ways you can contact me--

Email:* (Remove the _NOSPAM_ from the address. I'm sick and tired of bots getting my addy and sending me spam.)
AIM: LunalovesCarbeh, YoshiZello (for private use)
Yahoo!Messenger mysticyoshiluna
MSN messenger

I don't use ICQ or any other messenging program, so you're stuck with the above. Don't be upset or surprised if I don't reply to your Emails, IMs, or if I don't unblock you from AIM. I'm a very busy person and many times I simply get flooded. I do my best to read every email I get. I check my journal all the time, though, so if you leave me a message there, I'll probably get to it much faster than with any other method.

And remember, there's always my Message Board.

*NOTE: I have been getting alot of junk mail lately. If you want me to read your mail, unless I know who you are, you'd be wise to mention "Luna," Sanctuary," "Art," "Yoshi," or some other word acknowledging that I'm not some random person on an automated mailing list. I've had to start deleting emails with the subjects "Hi," "(no subject)," and "This is for you," so just a warning.

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