Site Name Description
Million Suns: A Screencap Archive My screencap site. It's got lots of ER stuff on it.
LiveJournal An online journal host. Very popular, very handy.
Font Freak A font site that actually has FONTS! =P My first stop for decent fonts.
HTML Goodies Site that taught me alot about HTML and webpage construction; Written in Laymen's terms for the HyperText Markup-ignorant like yours truly.
Deviant Art An art hosting website for artists, photographers and poets. I have an archive here, so if you want so see random crap I don't post here, check it. :)
Anime Turnpike Find any websites on any animé title here
Lunar Eternal Blue A Lunar: TSSSC and Lunar: EBC website from which I got my cut scenes for my music video. These games rock me! Play, y'all!
OverClocked Remixes Absolutely spiffay Video game music remixes here
Digital Blasphemy Awesome 3D-rendered desktop backgrounds here!
The Carby Board If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a rabid ER fan. This is the message board I frequent for it. Nice people there. :) Don't visit if you're going to cause trouble, because they WILL ban you.
Poems @ Poetic Lots of poems here, organized by category. <3
End of the World by hamncheez Hilarious flash movie that EVERYONE should watch. NOW.
Verisimilitude Now THESE are some well-written rants. Yay for up-to-date pokémon websites! Like OC Remixes, but without the judges panel. More variety but higher chance for suckage.
Cal State San Marcos My college. Yaaaaay!

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