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Sailor Saturn KICKS BUTT, yeah!! (7/19/2000)

   My very first humanoid pic I felt was worthy of scanning. I realize I messed up on the hair and head, and that's the kinda stuff I'm gonna practice on. Don't hurt meeeee... Sailor Saturn is ©Toei/Dic/Cloverwei.  
  Icon of Sora I'm using for a Digimon RP. :-) Still working at my animé... Sora is ©Toei/Saban. (Where did I get Toei/DIC from??! >_< Musta been from Sailor Moon.)
Oyyy!! Too much stress! ;_; (11/16/2000)
I can't draw people. ;_; I'm low on time all the time. I got problems. >_o But I can fix the first one, so I drew a chibi-version of my RL self. I'm tryin', don't rat on me... I'm ©myself.
It's... Tempess, yay!
My RL friend's Everquest character, Tempess. :-) Woo, I'm getting better! Boring pose, though. >_< I'm sure I messed up in a few other places... I was sorta just practicing my fabric folds. O_o;; So, anyway, Lord Tempess is ©Nick P. Guys ARE hard to draw! X_X *dies*
Be one with the forest! (1/14/2001)
Another RL friend's EQ char, Cernunnus. For the record, I'd just like to say that I got this pose from a frame in one of my Tenchi comics. Kay? Oy, I still suck at people, proportion's kinda weird, but oh well. For those of you who play it, he's a Wood Elf Ranger, by the way. Cern is ©Chris P.
Since I completely bite at people, I'll work my way up to drawing 'em decently through chibiness. ^_^ I drew this after finishing my Econ final. If you've ever seen the box for Everquest, you'll know where this idea came from. Plz ignore the concept, I've been hanging around with teenage boys too long. >_O Hehe. =) Random Darkelf and Highelf ©Sony/Verant.
If I knew the name of the attack he's casting, I'd make him yelling it. =P (2/1/2001)
Drawn while bored in Physiology class this time. Chibi Tempess, cute!!!! =D Temp is ©Nick. Oh yeah, he's a Dark Elf Wizard, btw. Dark elves are fun to draw. I messed up on his hair a little. Hey, I just realized I got this pose from an old video game ad...
They need more redheads in that game. (1/28/2001)
Chibi Mariss, a High Elf Paladin, my EQ char. =) I messed up on the right eye during inking, which really sucks, because the eye's the worst spot to mess up on. Oh well. This is a bit outdated, I've gotten new armor since then (thanks, Cern! =D) and... shtuff. Mar is ©me. I aughta take this one off, after looking at it for awhile, I really don't like it. >_<
Enchanters can do some really nifty stuff. (2/25/2001)
Chibi Fluorine. Fluorine's my alternate main char on EQ. She's a High Elf Enchanter. Pretty. =) The background came from a screenshot of the actual game. Lens flare turned out real neat in this pic. ^_^ So... uh... Fluo's ©me.
It's Cernunnus!  And he has a sword! Yay for Cern! (3/16/2001)
Chibi Cernunnus. Haven't gotten the hang of drawing guys yet, I'll keep working. I like how the shine on the sword came out. =) Cern is ©Chris, ma homey!
"Gibartik judges you amiably!" Aww! o^_^o (3/25/2001)
Older doodle of Fluorine after finishing an American Government test a little early. I must've drawn this when I first started my Enchanter. (Enchanters get "pets," but they're not nearly as sophisticated as the Mage ones (see below)). They attack anything that attacks you and that's pretty much it (heck, all it is is a floating sword and shield!) I dunno, it's kinda nice having something follow you around and love you unconditionally. =) Fluo's ©me. Yeah, I'm a sap.
Neener neener!! (4/21/2001)
This pic of Fluorine is going to go on my sig pic for my guild MB. Fluorine's my new main on EQ cuz I got tired of my paladin (Mariss). 'Sides, Enchanters are more fun. =) Fluo's ©me.
Mage pets are these floating, headless things with arms. o.o (4/24/2001)
I don't expect any of you understand what these funny-looking things are. They're the elemental pets that the Magicians summon in EQ. Alot of classes get "pets," but the Mage ones are the best, cuz pets are their specialty. =) This is the front of my CD cover. Earth, fire, water and air elementals are ©Sony/Verant. Wow, scanner screwed up the orange colored pencil...
Tempess-kun gave me his robe! *drools uncontrollably* (4/24/2001)
Backside of that CD cover. It's Fluorine again, pritty. =) She's ©me. Don't make fun of the music I listen to unless you want to die.
I'M GONNA MISS YOU ALL!!! ;_; (6/22/01)
My RL friends pressured me into drawing a group pic of all our EQ chars for the end of the school year. Took me FOREVER to draw, ink, touch up, color, etc. But it's done. =) Alot of the textures didn't come out when I anti-aliased it, so... you can't see the textures that well. Here come the HUGE copyrights, from left to right: Eeman the Darkelf Enchanter is ©Emmanuel H., Awein the Darkelf Necromancer is ©Brian W., Bachunga the Troll Shaman is ©Jeff W., Salarae (aka Celery Stick! ~_^) the Highelf Cleric is ©Renae B., Tempess the Darkelf Wizard is ©Nick P., Cernunnus the Woodelf Ranger is ©Chris P., and Fluorine the Highelf Enchanter is ©Stephanie S. (me) =)
I'm into this odd coloring style now. Oh well. o.o (8/4/2001) Wow, an actual piece of anime fanart! =P It's Jean, my favorite character from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Still trying to get better at my anatomy. I forgot to draw the triangley design on her skirt. @_o Woopsie. Jean is ©Working Designs.
At least the coloring is decent. Sort of. (8/12/2001) Tried something new this time. Overhead shot of Fluorine and Cernunnus. Wowwie, I messed up alot of times: On Fluo's face, hair, and hand and Cern's... everything. >_< I redid his body five times and I still see things wrong with it. Oh well. I tried. This is what happens when you draw without referrence. Cern is ©Chris and Fluorine's ©me.
FLUUUUU!! Come powerlevel my Rogue. =P (9/2/2001)
Okay, um, the only reason this doesn't suck majorly is because I had referrence. o.o;; I can't draw people, I've only just recently got used to drawing anime elves and stuff. >_< But my EQ guildmate, Buliwyf the Dwarf Warrior, saw my signature pic of Fluorine (see above) that I drew and insisted I draw one of him too. He liked it, so I guess I'm happy. =) Buliwyf is ©his beer-guzzling self. I need to learn how to draw beermugs. @_o
Simple sketch I did of Chibi Epona choking Chibi Cern. @_o Chris (or somebody) asked me to draw Epona being all kinky around Cern, and this was one of my attempts. So... yay. :) Epona and Cernunnus are both ©Chris P.
PHEAR ME RAR (8/19/2002) I was practicing some miscellaneous anime expressions and decided to throw them together to make this cheapy comic. :P It's Tempess being spooky and Fluorine ruining his fun. Whee. Tempess is ©Nick P., Fluorine is ©LunaYoshi

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