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Jade's so purty... (11/28/2002) Quickie scribble-turned-colored piece for Laina-chan. ^_^ I learned how to use the Dodge brush! *flex* I screwed up on her eyebrows (in that I forgot to ink 'em,) and her right hand. Argh. Oh well, Jade's ©Elaina!
Ayleonnah's a high-elven wizard. (11/30/2002) Super-late commission for fellow EQ hound, LillyYoshi. ^_^; Sorry, hun, I B lazy. Ayleonnah is ©Lilly.
Laina was my secret santa, so I drawed her. XP I had hardly any reference, and it wasn't like I could go up and ask "HEY LAINA, WOT'S YUR CHAR LOOK LIKE?" cuz it'd give it away, but... yeh. I hope she liked it. ^_^;; Jade is ©Laina-chan.
Corealis meets Morianna, my Lurikeen character from Dark Age. I've grown quite fond of her and plan on RPing her sometime. :) Lurikeen are rather... short, as Corealis is finding out. o_o; Cor is ©CoralYoshi, and Mori is ©LunaYoshi.
Body shot of Morianna. Just kind of a reference picture. She has runes imprinted along the bottom of her skirt. :3 *stupidly proud of that* Background is a screenshot from the game. Mori the cute li'l lurikeen is ©LunaYoshi (me).
Someone call the Psych ward... their patient got loose again. (2/17/2003) Hehehehehe.... :3 Those of you who read my journal know I am one huge E.R. fan. I got kinda hyper one day and drew this. XD It's my RL self pestering Abby, my favorite character. Disclaimer: I don't expect anyone to like this but me. I adore Maura (the actress who plays Abby) and this is just kinda something to hold me over until the new episodes start airing again. X) Shyeah... I'm ©myself, Abby's ©Constant C Productions.
OMFG ABBY I LOVE YOU *GLOMP* (7/28/2003) Yes, it's me and Abby again. <_< I'm a dork. XP Tried a different inking style this time. It's supposed to look all cel-ish and stuff. Yeah. I'm ©myself and Abby is ©Constant C Productions or Jack Orman or somebody.
Jade! Don't touch my drixie!! :o (11/13/2003) Got real inspired one day and drew this. In my slump days, I seem to have absorbed some skill from osmosis or something, because I've noticed I can draw things I couldn't before the slump. That sounds horribly snobbish of me. Ah, whatever. ANYWAY, it's Fluorine with her half-sisters Corealis and Jade. You know who they are, I've drawn them before. :) Fluo's ©me, Corealis is ©Coral, and Jade's ©Laina.
"Are you hot?" (2/15/2004) I am the dork. I got persuaded to comicize the characters from ER (moreso than I did above). So... voila. Carter and Abby walking along the beach. It's a scene from Chaos Theory, which I don't expect anybody to really know except us ER fans, where Carter talks about the "butterfly flapping its wings and causing a tornado half way around the world" idea. It has significance, but too much to explain here. Abby is played by the lovely Maura Tierney and Carter is played by the drool-worthy Noah Wyle.
"How many?" "Two's fair." "One's fair." "Fine." (2/16/2004) Carter takes Abby out to a charity event where, lo and behold, they run into Abby's ex-husband. During their divorce, he refused to pay her med student tuition, claiming bankrupcy. Then he shows up at a fancy charity event. Swell. So, Abby, out of revenge, deflates his car tires. XD Friggin' awesome. I love Thy Will Be Done. Carter and Abby ©Constant C Productions or whoever.
I started on my birthday. (2/16/2004) A sketch I decided to "paint" in PSP instead of ink and all that stuff because I'm lazy. Both Abby and Carter are recovering addicts, and Abby'd recently fallen off the wagon. In this scene, Abby's swallowing her pride (she's a very guarded character) to tell Carter about her relapse. It's a very touching moment which, again, I can't do justice here. ER and co. are ©Constant C Productions.
... (1/29/3004) A commission done for Lilly. :) It's her characters Gawyn and Kyrra embracing, obviously. I still suck at anatomy, but... I like the coloring on this one. She liked it all-together, so I'm happy. :) Photoshop filters out the wazoo. Kyrra and Gawyn are ©KyrraKina/Lilly Yoshi.
(6/1/04) Luna as a NiGHTS character. I love NiGHTS. Everyone should buy a Sega Saturn and play it. Or not. Yeah. Ganked the background idea from a wallpaper I have of Tenchi Muyo's Washuu, because I AM that unoriginal. Luna*NiGHTS is ©me, I guess. Me and Sega.

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