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 In readding my Pokemon art to my website, I decided to leave out a few pics I thought turned out way too crappy. So if you see a pic I've done floating around the 'net and can't find it here, it's cuz I don't like it. =P Anyway, it's Vulpix, Flareon, and Sandshrew taking a little nap.
It's Growlithe, my favorite fire type. =) I tried to draw it many times and finally drew something worthy of scanning. By the way, all these pics were drawn in 1998 and 1999, when my Pokemon fever was at its peak.
Cubone, my favorite ground type, looking happy.
Scyther, my favorite bug type (mainly because it's the only GREEN pokemon) getting ready to slash something. =P
Psyduck and Dragonair relaxing. I think I drew this because two of my fellow Yoshi webpage holders had these two as their favorites at the time. I think it was Poshi and Morgana.
Haunter, looking shpooky! I love ghost-type pokemon.
Vileplume. I'm not too fond of this one, but I was originally intending to draw all 150, so I decided to get all the easy ones done first.
Voltorb. I wasn't to proud of this one because... heck, all Voltorb is is a circle. >_< I've seen 5 year olds pull this one off successfully.
Krabby. Messed up on the claws, but did pretty well considering all I had for reference was an overhead view.
Nidoran. My contribution to the Poison types.
Mew with Mewtwo. Not too good of a coloring job. =P Again, only one reference pic for both, so viewpoints were limited to my imagination. I got criticized for making Mewtwo look too happy, especially after the first movie came out. Bah...
Articuno, my absolute favorite. ^_^ I was in some sort of wing slump, so they don't look to realistic. I like how the face came out, tho. It has a rainbow tail because this pic was originally of Luna's pet Articuno named Echo. BTW, Echo is ©LunaYoshi.
Articuno again, with better anatomy and better coloring. I love ice types. =)
Wigglytuff, drawn for my 6-year-old neighbor.
Gastly, looking suave yet spooky. Yay for ghost pokemon. =)
Pidgeot, divebombing... something. I used reference for the pose so it didn't turn out like absolute crap.
Lapras, my favorite water type. =) Messed up on the eye, kind of a boring pose, but I pulled it off.
Raichu in an action pose. I was experimenting with better poses around this time.
Horsea... being a horsea.
Jigglypuff all funkicized. =P I think this was my most popular pic. I think it was rather creative on my part.

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All art is ©LunaYoshi 1998-1999. All 250 pokémon are ©Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. In no way do I claim to own any of the characters drawn.