Luna's Pokémon Art
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Ponyta, done because the Fire Realm Network (or whatever) that I volunteered to draw for wanted one done. Anatomy's way off.
Charizard roasting marshmellow's on its tail. *shrug* Seemed like a good idea to me.
An old logo for an old, abandoned section on my site called "Mew's Mysteries." I'd take a random picture, throw a few clues in, and ask the viewers to determine which Pokemon had made the mess or whatever. Kinda creative, but way too much work.
Pikachu, jumping. This thing is way overhyped. >_< *throws a rock at it*
I think I tried drawing Squirtle quite a few times and couldn't, until I came up with this. Nice pose, I guess.
A better pic of Mew. =) It's so cute...
Dragonite sitting on a cloud, done for the Fire Realm Network.
Mewtwo, my last pic before peeps IRL shamed me away from the whole obsession. I still like the whole series, though, just not with a passion. I'd like to see how much I've improved since I drew all these, so we'll see if I can't cough something new up in the future.

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All art is ©LunaYoshi 1998-1999. All 250 pokémon are ©Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. In no way do I claim to own any of the characters drawn.