Full name: Lanceton
Race: Green Dragon
Age: ?
Eye Color: Magenta
Scale Color: Green (with pink)
Birthplace: Naku forest
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: Betrothed to Anuka
Characteristics: Lance is VERY gregarious and is just someone everyone loves to have around. He is a good conversationalist, he is always optimistic, and he never talks down to anyone unless they deserve it. Very rarely is he seen without Anuka.
Lance was one of the three who originally formed the Naku community. Until then, he had wandered about like a nomad because of his uniqueness in species and jumped at the idea when his friends Milo and Corinne proposed forming a village.
Unique Relationships: He had known Anuka in his youth and while they were only casual friends back then, they've become close since her admittance into the community. They are now betrothed.
Special Abilities: Flying (he specializes not in speed but in maneuverability)

Typical Quote: "Come on, everybody! Le'ts go! This'll be great!"