Full name: [Yoshi] Zello
Race: Yoshi
Age: 15
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red
Birthplace: Yoshi Valley
Marital Status: Married to CritterYoshi
Characteristics: Zello is very sweet and caring. She is considerably unselfish and optimistic and is always available if someone's in need.
Zello was my first yoshi character that I created before the whole yoshi community really got started (before the anthro-yoshies and hair and all that), so she's pretty low in real originality. Anyway, she grew up in Yoshi Valley, until she was commence into a yoshi god (Luna) after saving some yoshies in a raging fire.
Special Abilities: Average yoshi abilities-- the long tongue, fast runner, etc. Plus, like most blue yoshies, she can sprout small wings out of thin air at will. (I don't think I've shown you any pics with her and her wings, have I? Oh well, remind me to scan a really old comic I drew.)
Typical Quote: "It'll be okay, all things get better over time!"