Full name: Milo
Race: Kangaroo
Age: ?
Eye Color: Purple
Fur Color: Red (with pale yellow markings)
Birthplace: Naku forest
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Strong-willed and dominant, Milo is considered the leader of the furries. Sometimes his sense of leadership can make him come off as pushy, though. He is also very active.
Milo was among the first to start a community within the Naku forest. He has since helped in recruiting more members into the community and plays an active roll in its upkeep.
Unique Relationships: He tends to butt heads with Tyler over the roll of Naku leader alot. While there have been rumors going around that he has a crush on Corinne, he flat-out denies that any of them are true.
Special Abilities:
As a kangaroo, a good jumper-- both high and long.
Typical Quote: "C'mon, you're not trying hard enough!"