Full name: Napoleon
Race: Red Fox
Age: ?
Eye Color: Red
Fur Color: Orange with brown paws, ears, white muzzle and stomach
Birthplace: Naku forest
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: ...unsure at this point
Characteristics: Napoleon is quite indescribable. He's rather introverted and isn't as outgoing as many of the other members, though he is hardly considered weak. His greatest attribute would be his intuition and intelligence.
Napoleon grew up with Sri, his childhood friend and companion. Only recently have they both been introduced to Naku village, where they both currently reside.
Unique Relationships: Napoleon has maintained a platonic relationship with Sri but has recently been smitten by her.
Special Abilities:
Stealth, intellect
Typical Quote: "I don't need to prove anything to you. I know of my own capabilities and you can't convince me otherwise. Now would you leave me be?"