Full name: Nirvana Razorplume
Race: Yoshi/Falcon
Age: 21
Eye Color: Varies (default: blue)
Feather Color: Varies (default: yellow)
Hair Color: Varies (dark shade of feathers)
Birthplace: ???
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: Single
Friends with: All yoshi hybrids
Characteristics: Very in tune with nature; serious when she needs to be; very graceful, mystical
Background: Nirvana was raised among a pack of yoshi/animal hybrids and has learned to live as one with nature and the world.

Special Abilities: The ability to fly, strong instinctual senses, and incredible stealth tactics. She also channels some of her shamanistic powers through her staff (not pictured)
Typical Quote: "The wilderness CAN talk... you just have to know how to listen."