Full name: Phineas
Race: Bluebird
Age: ?
Eye Color: Green
Feather Color: Blue
Birthplace: Naku forest
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Quite loud-mouthed and opinionated but sociable and talkative, Phineas is said to be the life of the party. Sometimes the others see him as downright rude. When he gets upset about something, Corinne is often the only one he will listen to and eventually calm down. He is often found arguing with his distant cousin, Lyra. Also, the recent sprouting of white plumage indicates he's reaching puberty...
Phineas is one of the newer members in the Naku community. He was preening his feathers one morning when he noticed prying eyes in the nearby bushes. Those seemingly hostile eyes turned out to be Corinne's, who invited him with a smile into the Naku community.
Unique Relationships: He recently met up with his distant "cousin," Lyra, and the two bicker endlessly.
Special Abilities:
Flying (at high speeds)
Typical Quote: (too many to list)