Full name: Sri
Race: Housecat
Age: ?
Eye Color: Light blue
Fur Color: Goldish yellow (with white markings)
Birthplace: Naku forest
Alliance: Good
Marital Status: ... unsure
Characteristics: Sri has been described as shy, sweet, sensitive, supportive, and humble. She is very optimistic and is always one to cheer someone up when they're feeling down.
Background: Sri grew up in a different area of Naku forest than the rest of her friends. She's lived there with her vulpine friend, Napoleon, since infancy. Only recently was she introduced to the other furries and now resides with them.

Unique Relationships: As stated above, she shares a platonic relationship with her friend Napoleon. She has been having romantic feelings towards him lately, though.
Special Abilities: Climbing (esp. trees)
Typical Quote: "Don't you worry, things will perk up. They always do!"