Luna's Furry Art

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 Patamon's so cute, he looks like a little piggy thing with bat wings for ears. ^_^ Not the best coloring job in the world, on my part, tho... T_T  I got Corel, that's where the background came from. =)
I *luv* Gomamon... so cute!! ^_^  My first (decent) attempt at drawing Gomamon (my first try really bit). O.O;; Oy, I didn't intend for it to look so much like that one pose those officials drew of him! Woopsies. Corel background again.

Silmaril Mishi Goma, a Gomamon *drool* anthro morph!

  Mishi, my pal Noelle's (Meoshi's) Gomamon Digi-anthro character.  He and the two following characters are involved in this big progressive fanfic that's really addicting. ^_^ Overhead pic again, whee! @_@ He izz ©Meoshi/Noelle-sama.

Ringaré, da Gabumon-Anthro-Digimon mix!

 Jade-san's character, Ringaré, the Gabumon anthromorph! It took me four times to get this right. >_< I can't draw Gabumon... I suck. Ringaré is ©Jade/Minerva/Elaina-sama! ^_^

  Kirema, my Biyomon anthro from Jade and Meo's fanfic. ^_^ "Kirema" is japanese for "rift in the clouds." Yeah.  Kirema is ©me.

Leticia's so pretty... 6/11/2000

  My Gatomon anthro character from Meo's fanfic. ^_^ Her name is Leticia, which is Latin for "joy". Her parents push so much on her about growing up to be as rich as they are, but all she wants to do is be a normal teenager. Or something. Leticia is ©me.

Buimon's SOOOO cute! ^_^ (6/13/2000)

  Maiar, another minor character from Meo's fanfic (we gotzta get that thing a title!) He's a Buimon. Buimon makes its debut in the Digimon 2 TV series, so chances are you probably haven't seen it yet. It's out now, you know who he is. =P Oh well, it's cute... Maiar Bui is ©AsterYoshi.
 Miranda's my Sonic character. She's a kitty! >^.^< And she's lavender! Yeah, lavender's a purdy color... This pic is fairly recent, compared to the next few pix I have to show you below. Warning: These succeeding pics tend to get a little ugly. >_< Miranda © me, so don't steal her kick-ozz hairstyle or nuttin...

 Old pic of Minerva the Echidna, one of the many characters I named "Minerva". She was going to be the host of a future Sonic webpage, but I dropped the idea. This is the mainpage pose. Minerva Echidna ©me again.

Hmmm, interesting brush strokes..

 Minerva again. This is the pose that was going to be in the art section. Never got around to adding the paintings she was looking at. -_-;;

 Super-old pic of another character I came up with. Denver the Possum, kinda bland, but VERY Sonic-like. ^_^ I like this one, it's old, but I still think it came out good... Denver Possum ©me. *sigh*

 Another character I named Denver. This one's a dragon (duh!), and a young one at that! Old old old, made the eyes too big >_<  Denver Dragon© me.

 Ancient pic of Sonic as king. Not bad for a 13-year old :-P I guess... "Behold my kick-ozz emerald staff! Isso shiny!" Sonic ©Sega, Inc.

 Yoshida's Furry character with a really stupid background >_<. Old pic again... I think this is from Furcadia. What's the point to that game? I dunno... Heck, Yoshida's ©himself

 This is Luna as a hedgehog. Yes, it's old >_< Well, now you know where Luna got her pointy spikes. :-P They're, um, hedgehog spikes. Yay. Luna ©me.

 Me an' Psycho did a pic exchange a long time ago. I messed up big time; Awkward pose, cheap bg, and can you tell I messed up on his eyes? >_< I didn't notice my mistake until after I scanned it. "Heh-durh..." @_< Psycho's ©himself.

  It's Bean the Dynamite, the lesser-known character from the Japanese Sonic the Fighter. Drew this two years ago but just colored it recently again. Bean is ©Sega.

  Now here's something I actually drew this year! Julie-Su, the technorganic heroine of (and my favorite character in) the Knuckles comic series. A somewhat boring pose, and woops, furgot 'er belt. ^_^`;; I couldn't get her shoes right, either... Julie-Su is ©Archie Comics.

  Mighty's so cute, I could just hug 'im! ^_^ *hugz da armadillo* In the comic he's such a nice ol' thing... he doesn't like it when his buddies fight, and that's why I like him. Mighty is ©Sega.

 Miranda, Amethyst Vixen, and Neo Kazooie; My, Sparkle's and Cammi's Sonic/Furry characters. Yes, I said Kazooie. ...  ... ... Alright, she doesn't look much like a Kazooie, but that's cuz I can't draw Breegulls. >_< We're all ©us.

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