Luna's Furry Art
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Happy Halloween! All my Nakus dressed in various costumes. ^_^ Just FYI, Phineas is a vaccuum cleaner. XP *can't draw vaccuum cleaners without reference* Mmmmkay. All chars ©Luna-Buna.
I'm Espio, I'm sly and cool. (11/30/2002) OpenCanvas scribble of Espio the Chameleon. :) I couldn't figure out what to do with his hands, so they're, like... invisable or something. XP I love oC, it rocks... Espio is ©Sega.
Are you makin' fun of my pony tail, ya punk?? (12/1/2002) I took the role of Bark in a LiveJournal Sonic RP, so I made some emoticons for it. I love Bark. :) He's this adorable, underused, discarded character from the Japanese Sonic Championship. Bark the Polar Bear is ©Sega.
^_^    Don't mess with me or I'll spray you, sucka. ( Self-portrait of me as a skunk; an art assignment at the Aurorium. ^_^; Yay... I guess... Steph's ©Luna/Steph/call me whatever you want.
Fwee! (11/30/2002) An openCanvas collab with Scribbles! ^_^ This was loads of fun... we drew Fiona Fox (©Archie Comics), Ray the Flying Squirrel, Espio, and Tails (©Sega). Then we grafitti'd all over the open areas. XD Woot...
Got room for two on that swing? :) (1/4/2003) More openCanvas with Scribs. This turned out really good, imo, but most of the credit goes to Scribs, for she did that kick-arse background. X3 Random fox and skunk ©us, I guess, and so's the artwork.
He's the fastest thing ALIVE!! O_O (2/8/2002) It's Sonic the Hedgehog! The style on which I based my style from an early age. :) He's um... supposed to be holding a ring, but I got lazy and left it out. XD; .... Sooooo... Oldskool Sonic is ©SEGA of America.
Words can't express... (2/8/2003) Happy Valentine's Day. :) Mah FAV'RITE holiday, yo! And behold-- the first time I've been able to pull off a decent hug pic. Lookie, no arms going through impossible crevices! And stuff! XP Hoy... I love love. :) Sri and Napoleon are ©Luna-Buna.
I'm so serious! >:\  (2/15/2003) Dorae the Bat, one of my characters I created as antagonists to my Naku characters. Dorae is on the opposing side in the War (remind me to fill you in on that), and... stuff. And he grew on me. Alot. ^_^; I drew him a few times, as you'll see below. I'm still defining his physical characteristics. Dorae is ©Lunayoshi.
Oh... crap. (3/1/2003) During the war (see above), Corinne becomes a P.O.W., obviously taken capture by Dorae. I liked working on this one because I grew fond of the facial expressions, and I learned a new trick on coloring fur. :) Yay. Corinne's shade of purple is a bit off, though. Woops. Both chars are ©LunaYoshi.
BONZAAIIIII (3/1/2003) Milo's all ticked off an' running! Er, jumping! Yay? XD Um, I do like the pose, though. :) Milo the Kangaroo is ©LunaYoshi.
YOU are responsible for this, it's YOUR fault!! (3/10/2003) More facial expression and body posture practice. :) Corinne, having been captured, talks with a curious and later enraged Dorae through her cell. I wrote up their conversation. I may post it here sometime... *shrug* Aside from the brick behind Dorae being *cough* incorrect as far as lighting goes, I like this one alot. :) I warmed up to the Hard Light layer function in Paint Shop Pro as well as the perspective Free Transform feature in Photoshop. Yes. Dorae and Corinne are ©LunaYoshi.
Sparkleyyyy... (3/15/2003) Quickie pic of Anuka in "flight". Just kinda an artsy thing to pass the time. :) It was drawn right I after I drew that last pic of Milo. Same state of mind and everything. Yeah. Anuka's so pretty. ^_^ She's ©me. Yes, I DID go on a bit of a Naku kick.
My god, NO!!! O_O (4/13/2003) Gosh darnit, I forgot her whiskers again!! She's supposed to have two on each side, but I *always* forget to add them in. >_< Don't be like Luna. Draw thy whiskers on thy chars! @_o Anyway, Sri looking desperate. There's kinda supposed to be someone holding her down, but I got lazy and left that part out. XP I get lazy alot. Sri is ©me.
..... @_@ Skyyyy... (4/18/2003) Hehehehe... this was an idea taken from a cast photo from NewsRadio. X) They were all just standing around, gazing up into the sky pointlessly. I thought it was cool. :B So, yep. The original six Nakus standing around, staring at the sky for no reason. All chars are ©Luna Buna. Note: Phineas is hitting puberty...
(5/10/2003) Trying out a coloring style we used in Life Drawing class. I think I need more practice. XP I love these guys. I think Sega should wake up and put them in one of the newer games. <_< But yeah. Espio the Chameleon and Bark the Polar Bear are ©SEGA.
Ugh... the heartache... (10/21/2003) Corinne feeling the wrath of my own angst. Emotional pain hits you right in the gut, and you can totally feel it. Not fun. Thus-- this pic! WOW. I love drawing Corinne. :3 She's ©me, y'all.
Screw you, jerk-off! :D Bite me! (10/26/2003) Old sketch of Lyra I finally got around to finishing. Hey now-- you know you all have days where you feel like this. Yeah, well, it's a bird giving the bird. I'm tho owiginal. :B Lyra's ©LunaYoshi. That's me.
*huggles* (12/31/2003) Drawn while being lovey-dovey. This is old because I couldn't bear to look at it during a three month-long bout of depression, but I'm better now, so here it is. Cuddling owns you, foo. XP Napoleon and Sri are ©me, and by me I mean Luna.
Sexy, much? (11/23/2003) People have been telling me lately how much they liked my old char Miranda. Well, I'd long given up on her because I found her design to be very awkward and whatnot. So, I revamped her a bit, and now she rocks my socks again. XD I think it was mostly that weird shade of beigh contrasting the lavender. Yeah, well, that's out the window. Yay! Miranda's ©me. Da Luna.

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