Luna's Furry Art
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Photoshop Filter overload... X_X (9/27/2000)
Wow, I really went overboard on the filters, huh? O.o Oh well. Pic exchange with Mel*chan of Team Artail. Character ©Mel. K.
Cuteness! @_@ (10/7/2000)
Scribbles Moonshadow, a cool artist person whose style really kicks. ^_^ I like her characters, too, so I drew one of 'em in Chibi style. Hey... *pokes herself* let's try NOT messing up on the lollypop next time, huh? >_< Scribbles is ©herself. ACK, I just realized this looks TOO MUCH like a pic Rina Cat did of a light blue fox... O_O;; I sorry!!! Unconscious cooincidence, I swear!!
It's a mug! Anything can sound funny if you put a TM after it... (10/22/2000)
Me and one of my RL friends Brian were goofing off in Internet class with Dreamweaver's tutorial, and Brian made a site advertising "the Mug™", with the slogan "It's a mug!™", and I just started cracking up over the simplicity of it all like there was no tomorrow. :-P You would totally have to be there, but here's my furry spoof. That picture of a mug is from the tutorial. The furry version of myself is ©me, and Brian's furry self is ©er... him, I guess?
o/` Lalalalala... (11/3/2000)
A pic of a bundle of random dragons on a letter I'm gonna send to Noelle and Aido. :-) The artwork they sent me gave me inspiration for this. All characters are ©me.
What... can make the pain... stop..? (11/4/2000)
Ursa again. Wow, I was REALLY upset when I drew this. @_@ Being sad is not good. People should always be happy. But too bad for us, we can't always be happy. Blah blah blah happy blah blah blah sad blah blah blah blah... Ursa is ©me. At least I felt better after I drew it.
Bill! (11/19/2000)
Bill A. Bong, Green DaYoshi's furry char! I had no referrence when I drew this, I hope I got everything right. @_@ Bill is ©Green. Hey, I didn't finish coloring in the stomach...
Luna as a dragon! Spiffy, huh? (11/24/2000)
My Luna character as a dragon. Another sketch on that letter to Meo-san. :-) This was actually VERY VERY fun to draw. Cheap coloring job, though. Oh well. I don't do this very often, but if you wanna give this idea a try with your yoshi character, go ahead. :-) Don't get all copy-happy, though, this is the ONE AND ONLY time I'll let you copy me. >_o Just don't copy the pose or anything. Don't trace and that sorta stuff. Luna is ©me.
I dunno why, but sexy santa-outfits are really cool. (12/20/2000)
Happy Holidays, peoples. =) Sri has a present for you, yay! ... *sigh* I still gotta work at my anthros. >_< This pic is kinda boring, I might make a different one. Sri is ©me. (Well, I obviously didn't make a different one cuz it's February and I still haven't.)
Uh... she's a fox! *gets egged* (1/28/2001)
Art assignment (sort of). I needed stuff to put into my college portfolio, so here's a start. Fox exibiting some choriography. I think I impressed my art teacher w/my computer coloring skills. (Well, yes, I'm sure I did now, because after I finished this he made me work on the Art department's website until the end of the year. @_o Designing it, that is) Erm, kay... Foxy girl is ©me, I guess. Doesn't have a name, probably won't use 'er again.
Happy Valentines day. ^_^ (2/13/2001)
It's Valentines Day yet again (and I'm STILL alone, waaaiii!! ;_;) But I took it as an opportunity to tell all my friends and family members I cared, and this was the image that went in the email. =) I learned how to draw a cheetah outside of my annoying sonic style, so I was happy. ^_^ Random cheetah ©God! Hardy har har! *gets tomatoed*
This is old. Oldness. Oldness ahoy!
Hey, I don't think I've added this one yet. O_o Well, when I was working on my Naku site, these were the images for each character's profile or something. The two new chars at the bottom were 2 of the four new chars who were coming along later. Phineas, Milo, Corinne, Lance, Sri, Napoleon, Akinori and Lyra are all ©me, please.
Old again. I like how Napoleon looks. =)
'Nother pic I forgot to add. Pics of the chars for the same purpose as the one above. All chars ©LunaYoshi.
Eh? What's that? O_o (4/8/2001)
I was going to have all of my furry characters as a certain class in EQ, but some of 'em weren't turning out right, so it's just Sri and Akinori. =P Sri's a cleric and Akinori's a wizard. Both chars ©LunaYoshi.
Buddies! (4/24/2001)
Corinne and Lance. =) I liked this one until I realized that I already used a similar pose in Sri's bio pic, argh! >_< Oh well. Swirly trippy background, try not to get dizzy. Lance and Corinne are ©LunaYoshi.
Cutie wootie panda boo!! (9/6/2001)
Akinori's description pic. =) An old sketch I dug up recently and finally finished. He's so cute! ^_^ Akinori is ©LunaYoshi.
Psychology binder. Some of the text is hard to read. @_o (9/2/2000)
Hey, guess what! I just realized I made the thumbnail for this and never added it to this page! >_< So er... here it is, my Psychology folder cover for last year. I aughta put it up for auction if anybody actually wants a piece of my art. All naku chars ©Lunayoshi.
Prettiness... *_*  I haven't drawn Phineas in a while. (10/18/2001)
I really like my Naku furries because I can do so much with them. I need to draw more pics to express their personality traits. Oh well. This is a CD label/jewel cover for my newest burnt CD. It's kinda dark, hope your monitor's contrast level's not too low. =P Phineas and Corinne are ©LunaYoshi. Woot, I'm getting better at backgrounds...
AEEEIII!!! Keep it away!! (11/6/2001)
Late Halloween pic. X) Who's got the scariest costume? Why, Sri, of course! She's going as a bad report card. =P Lance is supposed to be an Arab but I didn't have any reference, so he's sort of an Arab/Gypsy something-or-other. XP Lance and Sri are ©LunaYoshi.
It's okay, it's all over now.  I won't let anybody hurt you. (11/14/2001)
I was on a romantic high when I sketched this out. The dragon he's holding is named Anuka. A few physically illogical errors in this pic. =P Sorry... I tried tho. I still think it's sweet. Lance and Anuka are ©LunaYoshi.
The Holidays are a time of giving... and stealing presents!! (12/25/2001)
Happy Holidays, y'all. =) My ALMOST late holiday pic. Took me over a month complete. *whew* Came out real well, I think, minus the few mishaps that occured due to my rushing it near the end. I especially like how the tree turned out (ditto with Sri and Napoleon, hehe!) Note: Since I made Anuka the 10th Naku, I changed her coloring a little to fit the position. Milo, Lyra (the canary), Akinori, Tyler (the skunk), Phineas, Sri, Napoleon, Lance, Anuka, and Corinne are all ©LunaYoshi.

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