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  Angel Echidna, an alias of my pal, Vaporshi. I left out her outfit cuz I dunno why-- maybe cuz I wanted to keep it more comic-stylish. I had fun coloring it tho, and check out my cheap attempt at a photoshop-like background! I dun have Photoshop I got it now, but I still use PSP. ...Angel is ©Vapor-san.

  My half of a pic exchange with Jinai da Hedgehog. I dunno if this sucks or not, cuz when you're in a slump, EVERYTHING seems to suck... I'm trying to get better at the CG coloring, tho. ;_; Weird-ozz background, btw... Camilla ©Jinai da Hedgehog.

  A pic of some random bear I did for Art class. I think I'll call 'er Ursa, after the constellation. I humbly admit that I used Bara-chan's style for drawing the ears, and that she gets full credit for them, alright?... I think... Anyway, Ursa ©me.


  My RL friends got me hooked on Everquest (this online game thing that's REALLY addictive), so I just had to draw a fox-type character wearing that costume that Firiona Vie (the high elf on the box) wears. Woops, scanned 'er crooked. O.o Maryss is ©me. (Note: Maryss was my High Elf Cleric, my first char before I made Mariss, the high elf paladin. Maryss is no longer in existence, for those of you who care.)

Ursa... the symbol of eternal solitude and dispair.

   Ursa again... I've grown fond of her, more so than my original furry character, Miranda. >_< Well, Ursa has become my victim of eternal sadness and stuff, so... she's who I'll draw when I'm sad too! Even tho I wasn't really sad when I drew this one... @_o Bah... Ursa-chan is ©me.

Please don't punch meeeeee... (6/26/2000)

  Knuckles, wow. :-P Working on my perspectives and shadowing. I still need work at both. -_-`;; Kay... Knuckles ©Sega of America.

Wow, purdy... O.O (7/3/2000)

  Wuz doodling one day and I drew Amethyst from the back. Well, I liked it, so I colored it, and I think the coloring came out pretty good, too. O.o Heh, cool. ^_^ Amethyst Vixen is ©Sparkle-san.

*wink* (7/5/2000)

  I saw this slogan on a T-shirt and thought it was cute. Personally, I didn't like this pic, I thought it was boring, but I got bored and needed something to color, so here it is. :-p Great... I still don't much like my Miranda character. *sigh* Miranda is ©me.

Wow, pretty... O.O (7/6/2000)

  Okay, slump time again, time for an old pic... This was an art assignment- "Draw a bridge to your imagination." Er, I couldn't think of anything, so here's what I came up with. I got an A- on it only cuz I didn't put any detail into the bridge, whoops... Oh well. I don't know where I got that sonicish-big feet-skinny limbs style... Heck. All nameless furry characters ©me. Don't copy them or my style of drawing them, please, if it's even mine.

Owww, oof, hey, you're crushing my spine! (7/6/2000)

  Another old sketchbook assignment. "Draw.. er... I don't even remember" O.o Something about emotions. Friendship or something, oh well. There was supposed to be a fourth furry underneath the lopsided area, but I got lazy and left it out. The laws of physics should be making this pyramid fall over any second now. O.o Blehh... Random furries are ©to me.

Hehe... birdie! ^_^ (7/9/2000)

  Time for me to define some of those furries of mine. I've named the blue bird "Phineas", and this here's a pic of his physical stats. I dunno, I've seen those around before, I think they're for reference for other artists or something... well, enjoy! I guess... Phineas ©me.

>_< O.O @_@ -_-`;; Lots of faces... (7/9/2000)

  Facial expression sketches for Phineas, plus a bonus sketch of Milo. (The Kangaroo). Urk, can you tell I did it in my sketchbook? >_< You can see right through the page to my Miranda/Amethyst/Neo pic. :-P Both Milo/Phineas ©me.

Ah, so THAT's what her stats are... ¬_¬ (7/10/2000)

  Corinne the Raccoon, another one of those diagnostic pics. This thing took me two hours to make, sheesh. >_< Oh well, just the perfect amount of time before X-files reruns on FX, which is when I worked on it. :-P Don't laugh at me... Corinne is ©do re ME! *gets shot*

  Lance the dragon, with an actual background this time! (Sorta.) Yes, I named him Lance. Kinda typical name for a dragon, but who cares? I don't, I like that name. Lance is ©me. He's got a weird look on his face, sorry.

What is the meaning of life? What is meaning? What is life? Is there a meaning to life? ("Shut up already!") 7/24/2000

  Milo, Phineas, Corinne and Napoleon (the Fox). I got this idea from a picture of the cast of Seinfeld in Entertainment Weekly. *nods* All characters ©me.

Oof... owch... eengh... get off... uggh... you're squishing my leg!! Oof... ugh... I TOLD you this wasn't going to work! (8/1/2000)

  Hehe... the "after" pic of furries2. Doodled this while on the road to Tahoe. All furries ©LunaYoshi. (Cammi said for it to be valid, ya gotta put your name after the copyright instead of "me". @_o)

Whee!! I didn't even break a sweat! (8/2/2000)

  Something I scribbled while on my road trip. Er... Milo creams and embarrasses Napoleon at some fighting game. ^_^ And yes, Milo is left handed, thank you for noticing. :-P And that cat down next to Nap.-- her name is (try pronouncing this) Sri. Foreign names kick butt. ^_^ Corinne, Milo, Napoleon and Sri are ©me-san.

Ooo, pretty! (8/5/2000)

 This is kinda old-- it's another sketchbook assignment that I .... *ahem*.. digitally enhanced a bit. :-P Now the sunset LOOKS like a sunset, whee! Okay... random dog character ©me.

Get offa my head, you! (8/7/2000)

  Another old pic with a photo bg. This assignment was to draw something low in contrast, which is why the shading on the characters is so light. Yup. And that's a BEAR, not a dog. >_< *spits* All characters ©me.
Wheehehe!! Yay! (7/6/2000)
    I'm such a hopeless romantic. Someone hose me down!! @_o *gets hosed down* Er... yeah... um... kay. Nap & Sri are best buddies! ^_^ Nap and Sri are ©LunaYoshi.

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