Luna's Furry Art
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Drawing furry poses are ALOT easier than Yoshi poses, take it from me. (8/7/2000)

  Ah yes, more of my furry characters... They're so much fun to draw, it's not even funny. :-P I like the pose, except I messed up on the face, gaw... >_< Heck, I figured I'd add a bit of info to this pic, so now I've got a whole line going. Corinne is ©me.

Lotta people seem to like Lance... well, good. ^_^ (8/7/2000)

   Lance again, and this time he actually LOOKS like himself! :-P The last pic I didn't do too well on. Oh well. I realize I spelled "pastime" wrong, but there's nothing I can do about it now, so don't bug me. Lance is ©me again.

I messed up a few times here, don't hurt me... ;_; (8/8/2000)

   Realize that these pics just originally started out as "sitting down" pics. Now they're sitting/giving info pics. :-P Wow... interesting, huh? Yes, I am aware my last 5 million pics have been of my own characters, and I'm sorry. Don't bug me about that, either. >_< Milo is copyright ©me...

I like this pose... it's cute. (8/9/2000)

   It's Sri's turn. Cats are one of my favorite animals, and Sri's one of my favorite furries. ^_^ Cuteness galore... Sri is ©me. Luna Buna. Now go away.

Im cool. Yeah. I'm serious, and I'm cool. 'Napoleon, you're weird!' Hey, be quiet! `-_o' (8/9/2000)

  Napoleon's the last one to get an info pic, for now. Looks like I forgot Phineas... O.o I gotta do his, too. Maybe I should do a few others while I'm at it. Eh... *shrugs* Maybe I should start drawing other people's furries in this style if I'm gonna draw it so much, sheesh... >_o Napoleon is ©me.

I'm leaning against air! (8/10/2000)

  Ah, here it is... Phineas' stats pic. Oh well, that's all for now. Maybe I'll do more characters as I come up with 'em or something. Maybe I should get permission from other furry artists to do pics for them like this one. I dunno. Heck.  Phineas is ©me.

Hi there, handsome. ~_^ (8/11/2000)

  My late half of a pic exchange with Sorcer-Es. JPG mauled this pic big time. >_< Gaw, you scientists, why can't you make some sort of compression that isn't super-obvious?? Psht... aw, in five years, we won't have to worry about compression. Everything will load in a snap. Dessy Prower is ©Sorcer-Es.

This is the actual outfit I was wearing when I colored this. I M weird. (8/12/2000)

  Furry rendition of myself. o_o;; As a cat, yes. So um... Steph is ©my parents! (hyuk hyuk)

It'll be okay... the worst is over... don't worry............ (8/20/2000)

Nap consoles Sri when she's feeling upset. =) Awww, sweetness! ^_^ I like how the lighting came out on this pic. Background's kinda... odd... oh well, just messing with PSP's layering effects. Napoleon and Sri are ©LunaYoshi.

He's uh... an Indian digimon with a British accent. O.o;; Does that disturb anybody besides me? (8/23/2000)

  Hawkmon, from the Digimon 02 series. Bird Digimon kick!! ^_^ Whee! Er, anyway, I'm really sorta into Digimon right now cuz of the new season, so expect more Digimon art coming up. Yep. Hawkmon (*swoon*) is ©Toei/Dic.

Hey, what's that? That sure is an odd looking Digimon... ..Oh, wait, it's a human being... (8/26/2000)

  This is actually kinda old. Four of the seven in-training digimon to our favorite Digidestined. Motimon was originally below Tokomon, only he was bigger because he was REALLY close up, but I nixed him at the last minute cuz... I dunno, didn't wanna waste my colored pencils. Tokomon, Tanemon, Yokomon and Tsunomon are ©Toei/Saban.

Aww, Biyomon! ^_^ (8/27/2000)

  Sora and Biyomon. :-) I think they of almost all the other digimon pairs are the closest, emotionally. Plus, they're my favorite characters! ^_^ Yay! Cheap coloring job, but oh well. Sora and Biyomon are ©Toei/Saban.

I spent two hours more on touching up the Pixels than I should have. That's why the lines look all good. (9/2/2000)

  I must've been in a really morbid mood when I drew this. A Hawkmon and Biyomon in a savage battle to the death! Sadly enough, they were put up to this by their trainers. (No, not Sora or Yolei. We hope.) I added black lines near the top and bottom to make it look like a cinema scene. :-P Hawkmon and Biyomon are ©Toei/Saban.

It's honors, so they sorta give us more work than regular Phys. O.o;; (9/3/2000)

  Cover art for my Physiology binder. I lost my sense of size and proportion when I drew this. >_< (i.e. Napoleon should be bigger). I also used markers that I haven't touched in five years. Can you tell? :-P Oh well. Yay, physiology. Phineas, Corinne, Lance, Sri, Milo and Napoleon are ©me.

I think its forelegs are a little bigger than they should be. O.o (9/4/2000)

  Sketch of Gomamon on an envelope to Noelle-san. ^_^ Done in colored pencils. Gomamon is ©Toei/Saban.

Look! Hearts! ^_^ (9/4/2000)

  This is key-ute. @_@ Sketch of Gomamon on a card sent to Noelle-san along with a comic book. ^_^;; Gomamon is ©Toei/Saban.

N-n-no... stay away... this is MY hard-earned cash!

Another notebook cover. Used more markers this time, can you tell? Markers are fun. ^_^ Ah, Economics, the annoying study of money usage. >_< All characters ©me.
Sri??!? 0_0 .............. ..............  (9/13/2000)
When all my Naku chars are teenagers, Sri dies. @_o So er... the night she dies, she visits Napoleon before crossing... er... to the heavens or something. *nod* Romantic, tho. =) Wow, I must've been on a romantic high when I drew this thing. Photoshop filters kinda screwed the lighting up a bit, tho. I should've applied it to the background and not the entire pic. Heck... Sri and Napoleon are ©LunaYoshi.
Why hello there! Luna did a horrible job on my shoes! (9/15/2000)
Cooner, my half of a pic exchange with Flyer of Team Artail. His half was lethally good, and this is just... late. @_@ Oh well. Yay, raccoons kick!! ^_^ Cooner is ©Flyer.
We're pals, we sure are! (9/16/2000)
Lance, Phineas and Corinne pose for a photo. Ahhh, all hail Photoshop filters. All characters ©me. Just a note: Any new Naku art goes in my new homepage. Click here, or at the top this page. Until further notice, no more Naku art will be posted in Luna's Sanctuary. Nevermind about the new homepage thing, I've lost interest. >_< I'll post any Naku art I haven't posted yet soon.

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