Luna's Furry Art
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Yay for crappy scanners! (1/3/2002)
I decided to sell my Naku Holidays pic, so I hand-colored it and scanned it in. It scanned in pretty crooked (even though it was aligned perfectly with the scanner's edge), so it cut off alot of it. But nothing important was lost except my signature. Crappy coloring on the background, btw. All chars ©LunaYoshi.
It's da furries. These are the last four additions, by the way. No more for a VERY long time. (1/5/2002)
Remember the squares.jpg pic I did about a year ago? I made the same type of pics for the recent Naku additions: Akinori, Lyra, Anuka, and Tyler. Kind of a quickie coloring job, but I needed the images for their Profile pages (which should be working now, by the way). Anuka came out pretty cute. =) All chars are ©LunaYoshi.
An old sketchbook assignment I didn't scan until now. Art slump, hoy. @_o I'm going to be adding some B/W art here until I can spare enough time to make its own separate section, so... yes. Random kitten is ©nobody.
A sketch of Angel Echidna, because Vap's a really cool person, and my first pic of her really blew. X_x Maybe I'll ink this later. Angel is ©Vaporshi.
Remember that full-body pic of Milo running, and the pic of Phineas in flight? I drew one of those pics for most of my Naku chars, except they didn't turn out that well. :\ This is one of them. The horizon's off on this pic. I kinda like the water effect, though. (Corinne's good at swimming.) Corinne the raccoon is ©LunaYoshi
Another character in EQ garbs. :P EQ is very addictive, beware! It's fun, though, too, so... Yep. EQ leopard chickie is ©LunaYoshi, I guess.
An old Autumn theme pic I drew last year. Again, horizon line isn't too hot. :\ But I like how the characters came out, so... :) LoL, I didn't finish inking it... All chars ©LunaYoshi.
I'm so cute, I'm cute with cel coloring! (6/3/2002)
A drawing of Milo for my new LiveJournal layout. Yay. :P I have one of Sri coming up too. I think it turned out cute. ^_^ Milo ish ©myselfness.
Wheeeeeee! (6/4/2002)
A commission I did for my pal, Critter Yoshi. :) It's Hida, his dragon character. I spent a lot of time on the coloring and I think it turned out pretty good. There are some anatomical errors in it that threw me off a few times, though. Argh. -_- Hida is ©himself.
Just to clarify any confusion, Anuka doesn't like Akinori.  They're just playing a game. (6/17/2002)
This pic is kind of symbolic. Remember the pic of Napoleon swinging Sri around? Anuka and Akinori are playing the same game now with the other two, and in a way, it's supposed to signify the 4 new members' acceptance into the community. Oh well, maybe it didn't turn out that way... *shrug* I think it's cute, though. :) Napoleon, Sri, Akinori, and Anuka are all ©LunaYoshi
Hello, I'm Lyra!  I may look sweet and innocent, but I'm really a rabid dog in disguise! (6/20/2002)
Time to start developing my underdeveloped Nakus. It's Lyra's stats pic! Quickie coloring job, but it gets the job done, I guess. Lyra is ©me
@!#%+$, Phineas!!! How many times have I told you not to do that??? (6/20/2002)
One of Lyra's biggest personality traits is her EXTREMELY short temper, and it occurred to me that I haven't drawn her expressing it yet, so here we go. She ish pissed! I'd hate to be on the receiving end of her rantage. :) Lyra is ©me again.
Outta the way, Milo!  The viewers want to look at my gorgeous face, not your ugly rump! (7/14/2002) The two head hanchos of the Naku community-- Milo and Tyler. I drew this right before my slump and colored it while I was stuck in it. For some reason, cel-style shading appeals to me nearly as much as 3D shading does. I guess it's good cast shadow practice. Milo and Tyler are ©Luna.
What is that glowy thing? I dunno. O_o (8/2/2002) This pic was inspired by Flyer's rendition of the Nakus at a prom. ^_^; I love the picture so much, I attempted to make a "sequel"... kinda. o.o I hope that's okay. (Flyer, you rock!) Cel-style shading again. All chars are ©LunaYoshi.
"She cannot resist my touch." and other psycho babble. (8/4/2002) This was originally going to be black and white to make it look like a Calvin Klein ad, but the greyscaling wasn't turning out too well, so I left it how it was. I think they both turned out cute. :) Though Corinne's arm's a tad short. Oh well. Done entirely in PSP. Corinne and Tyler are ©Luna.
Espio the Chameleon, from the Sonic continuity. ^_^ He's my favorite character in Knuckles Chaotix, so I had to draw him. That background is a screenshot from the game, btw. Espio is ©SEGA.
Milo being Milo. I tried a new style with the ears. I'm trying to get him to look less like a rabbit. XP I'm trying, really! Milo is ©LunaYoshi
Sri and Napoleon in another one of those Calvin Klein ad things. Done completely on the computer. I messed up quite a few times on this one, mostly because I'm just lazy. Sri and Napoleon are ©LunaYoshi.
I inked and colored that Angel Echidna sketch I did above. Turned out smoothly, I guess. :) Angel is ©Vaporshi.
Floaty floaty... (10/9/2002) Updated version of Luna as a hedgehog. I really dislike the coloring on this, and the nose is pretty screwed up, but... ah well, it was fun working on it. :) Fear Luna's porkupine spikes. Luna's ©LunaYoshi.

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