Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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Hello! Nice grass we have here...

  Zello, a blue girlie yoshi that used to be me. This one's kinda cheap, I just traced the head and body of one of those official pix, sowwie ^_^`;; What do you expect, I hadn't drawn Yoshies before at all... Zello is ©Me, Luna (who used to be such a poser).

Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaay!

 Yoster's one of those yoshies with wings, so he can fly! ...High! O_O Yoster ©hiz kreator.

Hehehe... ^_^

  SilvrYoshi, my pal from long ago. She's a sweetie pie, and the first person to ask me to draw them! ^_^ She is ©herself.


  Yoshi786, now known as Koshi of the late Yoshitopia. I stunk back then, so I traced the head. Wait, no I didn't... the eyes are positioned too low, I actually drew it! :-P Gawd... Koshi is ©himself.

Shaken,........ not stirred.

 Argh, traced the head again. Scanner messed this pic up, he wuz s'posed t'be orange. ;_; So I tweeked with the color a little end messed it up s'more. YoshiBond (not to be confused with Yosh007) is long gone now, but he's still ©his creator.

>poof< Je suis voici!

  LunaYoshi (that's me). I'm the goddess of the ground and moon. ::nods:: I dunno where I got the idea about being a goddess... came with the name, I suppose ^_^. Luna ©myself. Yeah, I know it's stupid, shaddup.

Great ta see yaz!

This pic stinks. Nice metallicness, I guess, but everything else bites. >_< That's supposed to be a "chicken comb" on his head. I don't know what those look like. Bronz is ©Koshi of Yoshitopia, k?

What's yur sign?

  It's IG77Mkoopa, a friend from long ago O_o. He asked for a long, whip-like tail, and I didn't quite get how a Yoshi could have one (and still don't), so I just made it long. Hmmm, scanner cut the end off... IG ©himself.


  DanceYoshi's a hippie yoshi, obviously, but it's kinda hard to tell she's got bellbottom pants. Oy, I needed help with clothing stuffs... Dance ©her trendy self.

Heads, I win, Tails, I win.

  No, it's not Fonzie, it's GoldnYoshi, a pal to me, White and Silvie when we were new to the 'net. Where'd he go? ;_; Goldn's ©whoever he was.


  Vilet, dressed in clothing I thought was stylish at the time (*cough cough*). Drew it for Silvie when she got grounded, but she didn't like the hand ;_;. Sad wuz me... Vilet ©SilvrYoshi (n.k.a. JadeYoshi)

Re-sis-tance is fu-tile

 Okay, people, remember-- RoboYoshi: good guy, Golden Robo-Yoshi: bad guy. Original RoboYoshi ©IG. I was real proud of this when it first came out-- lotta people liked it.

Now, you're an H-O-R-S...

 Yoshi Hoops. ::nods:: Hoops ©BlakYoshi. Basketball looks red. Scanner sucks.

Watch m' screwball...

 Yoshi Mayes. Oy, too many sports yoshies. -_-`;;. Shoot, mayde hiz upp'r bod' too long. Hoops is ©the former Lego12321.

Down an' give me 20!

 Coach Yoshi, aka Billionth yoshi with the actual name "Yoshi" in their title. Hoi... I been writing too m'ny negative comments, must become happy again... Coach ©Blak, wuzzinit? 


  Demon, a guy who fooled me into thinking he was three years older than he really waz when we first met :-P. Ack, he looks like a dwarf yoshi, legs too short... -_-`;; Demon is ©the former DemonYoshi.

Hehehe... ^_^

  Old pic of Silvie, originally intended for my failed character named RubyYoshi, but Silvie needed a boost that day. ^_^ Oy, with the abnormally big nose... Silver iz ©her cool self.

Hi there! My legs are very short!

  Ugly pic of YoshiWhite, one of the million characters my and Silvie's friend, Yoshi423, used as an alias. Dez even dates once. O_o White ©Yoshi423, YoshiZilla, Yosh-- er, heck, his name is Brett.

Hmmmm... I am cool. I am so cool. Cool iz me.

  I drew this for Yoster when he was sad... and I had a crush on him. @_o *Swoon*. Hey, I left out the second pic I drew of him... oh well, I think I put it on page0 6. Yoster © himself.


 BumperYoshi. TRain Yoshi had me draw this back when DKR just came out, but after I finished it, she up and left and never came back ;_; Nother reason I don't take requests no more. Bumper ©TRainYoshi.

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