Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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I is a college student! (9/17/2001)  Intentionally dorky pic of Luna I'm using as my sig on my Message Board. XP I like this one, I think it came out really cute. =) It makes me giggle. Ummm... Luna is ©me, LunaYoshi. Lookie, I can shpell!
Hybrid yoshies ROCK!! XD  (10/4/2001) I was originally going to draw a bunch of yoshi hybrids in a forest scene, but it turned out to be just a buncha hybrids with a forest background. XP Blahh... Oh well, still came out rather pretty, even tho some of the arms are a little out of porportion and it was scanned at a bit of an angle. @_o *shrug* This took a long time to color. I'm going to attempt to name all these chars. Cerise is ©Coral, Laquer is ©Dime, Kitt is ©Scribbles, Razzy is ©Cammi, Nirvana is ©Luna, and Amalthia is ©Prism.
Fear my stick! It glows! (12/1/2001) Nirvana again. XP She's blue this time! That's her staff thing that she channels her shamanistic powers into, yesh. She doesn't get her powers from it, but she uses it to channel the powers she has. @_o So... yep. Just thought I'd clear that up. Her right hand looks kinda weird. Nirvana is ©LunaYoshi.
Crappy background, sorry (12/1/2001) This was originally going to go in the Furry section, but I decided against it because I think anything with yoshies in it should go strictly in the Yoshi section. *shrug* They're... well, Scribbles is sitting on a "mushroom" (doesn't look like one, does it?) and Green is housing a little... glowy... thing... on his hand, which is, abnormally smaller than his other hand. =P Woops. Not one of my best pics. Scribs and Green are still ©themselves, tho.
Cheap coloring job, but it works, eh? 12/18/2001 This didn't turn out as pretty as I'd originally planned. Her back was supposed to more arched and she was supposed to have a prettier face. Shoot. Well, I still kinda like it. Her legs are a bit too long, tho. I'm just happy I got them to look natural. Btw, she looks like she's missing a wing. =P I was too lazy to draw the other one in. *shrug* Euphoria is ©LunaYoshi.
Euphoria. She's so pretty. =) (12/18/2001) A headshot of Euphoria, mostly for a new logo for my MB. =P That old one was really crappy. I also wanted to practice drawing larger, because most of my pics IRL are 2-3 inches. This pic here was about 3 inches itself, so... I can draw heads big, yay. XP I still think it came out nice. Euph is ©Lunayoshi.
Pretty rainbowness! (3/13/2002) A pic I did for Prism, just because. :) I think it turned out real nice. At least two other pics in this same format are in the works, so I'll post them when they're done. Prismaya is ©herself.
I am cool. Don't disagree with me or I chop you in two. (3/30/2002) A pic of Yoshi6400 in the same format as the pic above. I think I like it. :) 6400's been cool pal in a number of ways, so I thought I'd draw him out. I did a lousy job on the coloring, though, sorry. Yoshi6400 is ©Brian Kwa.
I B sly. Slyness. (4/1/2002) Denver, one of the three main characters you can be in my sequel to the Labyrinth. :) Thought I'd add this since the rest of the Odyssey artwork won't be going in here, and I'm going to be working on it for awhile. Denver is ©LunaYoshi
Kamaria is part of the Odyssey. Want to try her route? Yay. (4/1/2002) Kamaria Yoshi, from the Odyssey. Kamaria is ©LunaYoshi.
Ravi.  His name means Sun. (4/1/2002) Ravi Yoshi, from the Odyssey. Ravi is ©LunaYoshi
We're hooded, so we're cooler than thee.  Thy coolness is belittled by our uberness. (4/11/2002) Curawen and Parewen, my Kobold Shaman and Huntress as yoshies (from Dark Age). They're two of the many characters you meet in the Odyssey, and I liked them so much I decided to throw this pic in the Gallery. Hooded things are nifty. :) Both chars ©LunaYoshi.
Hello. Have you come to bask in the heavenly glow of my mysticism? No? Bah... (4/29/2002) A pocket pic of Nirvana. My computer crashed while I was coloring it, so I had to do it all over. >_< I think the first try looks better, but we'll never see it again, so whatever. :P She's pinkish this time. Pritty... Nirv is ©yours truly.
My poor X-files, I'll miss you..! ;_; (6/5/2002) I got into another X-files trip when the series finale aired, so I had to draw another pic of my favorite FBI agents to honor one of my all-time favorite dramas. ^_^ I can't believe how much I've improved since I drew the first one. O_o Hot dang! I like the background on this one, though I shaded things a tad too dark. It looked fine when I did it. :P Mulder and Scully yoshies are ©Chris Carter and Zippo McYoshi.
O_o;; Luna, what the heck are you doing?? (6/10/2002) A pic for Cirrus, a really swell yoshi artist. ^_^ I decided to try something different from the typical stance, so... I threw Luna in there (literally, it seems). XP Well, I had fun coloring this one. I like it. :) She liked it too, so I'm glad. Cirrus Hedgeoshi is ©herself, Luna is ©you straights.
I gotz red studded armor! (7/13/2002) A commission I did for my pal and fellow Dark Age player, Diskmaster. He had me draw his DAoC character as a yoshi as well as his furry persona. Targe and Ben are ©Disk-kun, yo! I drew this while in a slump. x_x`
Egg, anyone? (8/20/2002) I like this one a bunch. ^_^ Three original yoshies, drawn for the Mushroom Kingdom since my last original yoshi pic was starting to look really lame.
You should see me with my mop! ;D (9/1/2002) It's Pocket Pink, a-jammin' to her headphones! I don't like how the face turned out on this one, but I think the background's trippy! It looks like she's at a rave or something. XD The shines on the headphones also looked pretty neat before the anti-aliasing wiped out most of the detail. Ah well, enough griping. Pink-chan is ©herself.
>:O (9/22/2002) Pocket Canadian Yosheh. :P He's a cool Joe, so I drawed him, yes. He's looking all tough because everytime he IMs me, he uses that >:O face, and it cracks me up. XD So... yeah. I like his pose. :) Can-chan is ©himself.
I had Luna draw me back when she was a nobody! (11/2/2002) How many of you recognize this mug? ;) I drew a random image of a yoshi and decided to make it good ol' Yoster. He's been gone a long time, but I like his character, so, voila. Go back to the stuff on page 1 and compare my styles from 5 years ago. XP Yoster1 is ©himself.

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