Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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~bzzt~ Seek-out-and-destroy... (12/16/2002) A mechanized version of Luna. I like how this one turned out, especially in comparison to the older yoshi robot pics I've done. Mostly because the joints are more believable. ^_^; Anyway... I had fun coloring this one, so... I guess that's good. Luna (and Metal Luna) are ©LunaYoshi.
p_q WAAAAAAAAAAA (12/23/2002) ;_; I lurv Coral! She makes me feel better when I'm sad! But, like most OL friends, she lives far, far away. So I can only hug her... through pics! *bawl* Hold me, woman! Coral is ©herself, Luna's ©LunaYoshi.
:) :) omg tahts just wonderfuk! (2/8/2003) A play off an inside joke. XD Gotta luv dem typoes! The thumb -- hell, the entire hand -- looks off, but other than that, I'm happy. :) The background is a giant "W" in a font called "Porcelain." Vaporshi and all her sassiness is ©herself.
Oh my god, EW EW EW GROSS BLEH GAG ME (3/23/2003) Coral cringing at something stinky. XD This was facial expression practice. LoL, I hope Coral doesn't mind I drew her in such a weird scenario. XP *wave at Coral* Corealis is ©herself.
I love birdo. :) (4/12/2003) Should this go here? Um, sure, why not? X) Piccu for Rachelle, uber cool Yoshi artist. :) Her character's a white birdo. Cuteness... Rachelle's ©herself. She's a co-host at the Yoshi Station.
Too cool to be Australian ;) (5/2/2003) Commission for Lich, who's a cool friend and awesome music composer. :) People have told me they like this one alot. It was the first time I incorporated human anatomy into a yoshi pic (correctly, anyway). So... yeah. He loved it. :) I'm glad! Dyluck Thanatos "Lich" Yoshi Von Kippo is ©himself.
Aloha, mi amigo!! :B (6/17/2003) Scribs and I dink around in openCanvas alot. c_c I swear, we end up dressed weirder and weirder every time. XD It's Luna, and she's all hombre/hula-ish. Scribbles had a strange costume combination too, but hers got lost in openCanvas*angst. p_q That sucked... Luna's ©me.
Kiiiizzzziiieeessss (12/7/2003) Commission for Rachelle. It's Rachelle and Tek. Yep! She suggested something hug-y, but I tried, failed, and tried this instead. I think Tek liked it, so... yay. ^_^; Rachelle the Birdo and Tek the Yoshi are ©themselves.
Buh? o.o (12/30/2003) A sketch page full of yoshi facial expressions. I like how alot of these turned out. :3 I'm an emotion ho, so these were really fun to draw. I also discovered a long hiatus from drawing dawned a sudden ability to draw decent American-styled expressions. Go figure. O_o Ignore the sketches of EBIL LUNA and Chibi*Me/Chibi*Chris scattered about. Yoshi is ©Nintendo of America. Please don't copy these k thx bye.
It's okay, dear... hopefully natural selection will kick in one of these days... (1/16/2004) The last frame of a dinky comic I threw together. In the first frame, Luna's holding her head in frustration. In the second, she's screaming into the air. This is the third frame. Vap is supposed to be on the left asking what's wrong with Luna, and Coral's supposed to be saying how fed up Luna is with the stupid customers she has to wait on every day. We get some real geniuses at Staples, don'tcha know... Look, it's the back of Luna's head! Coral is ©herself and Luna's ©me, still. XP
Lookit! Am I cool yet? Huh? Guys? :D (2/16/2004) A sketch I scanned in and colored in five minutes. Luna's clothes are too big! :O She's so cute, though... People have talked me into liking her more than I used to. She used to bore me, really, but she's interesting when I incorporate my own strange, disturbing personality into her. So... I've drawn her alot. Luna is ©me.
I know where my loyalties lie, Agent Scully.  Now shove off. (3/2/2004) I love The X-Files. I drew this soully for my own amusement, since I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks yoshicized X-Files characters is a good idea. XP Umumum... Scully doesn't care for Fowley. There was a scene in the show where they had the most polite of arguments, but it was awesome because you could just feel the tension in the air. I hope I captured it all right in this pic. Scully and Fowley are ©Chris Carter, and the yoshi concept is ©Nintendo.
Um, Coral, please don't point that thing at me... (5/15/2004) OpenCanvasing with Coral is eff-yew-enn FUN! While she was drawing Luna, I drew Coral in some pretty weird poses/scenarios. Here she is with a Musket! Go, Coral! Can you tell I've been seriously experimenting with American cartoon styles? Yeah. Coral's ©herself and Luna's ©me.
Purdy sunset! ... At least it was before the scanner ate it. (10/?/03) This is actually pretty old. I commissioned this for Saph for their anniversary. This was the first picture I'd hand-colored in a REALLY long time, but oh well. Yoshi6400 and Sapphire are copyright ©their respective owners. Done in marker and colored pencil.
Aww... dey love each otherz... ^_^ (12/1604) First piece of real artwork I've done in a long time. I'm a big romantic sucker. There was probably something that went with this drawing, but heck if I remember. I'm proud of the shininess. Luna's ©me.
Maybe Luna's drunk. (12/25/04) I participated in the Secret Santa pic exchange at my messageboard this year ('04). Clex was my victim assigned target. This was rushed at the last minute because I ran out of time (familiar concept, eh?), but he liked it all the same, so I'm glad. There's supposed to be mistletoe there, by the way. Clex is ©himself. Luna's ©me.
Don't stand so close to me!! (4/28/2005) I'm having problems drawing yoshies nowadays because alot of my close yoshi friends have renounced their yoshi characters, which leaves me with less to draw. Fewer characters and less motivation, I mean. But the yoshi club on DA had an interesting challenge--draw a yoshi as a planet. Well, er, I drew four. One is a gas (outer) planet. ... It's a joke, look at the image. -_-; The earth one looks damn sexy, though. Sexy coloring. Yeah... characters ©nobody, really.
oh no you DI'N'T!!!!! (12/25/2005) ROFL, a full year passes and I draw ONE other yoshi pic. Jeebus. Well, it's Secret Santa time at the Rarium again and I got Wavy Blue, so I drew her and her friend, Ben. Wavy has this cute little seashell necklace, see. Um... the rest speaks for itself. Crappy background due to last-minute completion and strange atmospheric coloring. Wavy and Ben are ©Wavy Blue.

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