Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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He may be a runt, but hes NONETHELESS CUTE!

  Woohoo! After oh so long of trying to draw a cute baby yoshi, I give you... Runt! *double hugz for runt* Runt's ©me (must stop creating so many characters...)

Yoshida Akira, ladies and gentlemen!

  Dude, Yoshida's been the owner of the Cutest Yoshi Page for who knows how long, and I'm just now drawing him... o_o`;; Oy... he's cute, though, he wanted me to make him cute. Yoshida's ©his flirtative self.

Jade Yoshi! Yoshi w/Wings #3.

  Jade Yoshi is the former SilvrYoshi, but she's still so cool! ^_^ Me drawed her new look, came out killer good... Jade's ©herself.

It's Yoster! BOY this pic is old...

 Okay, I'm adding this old pic of Yoster in place of the pokemon pic I've decided to take down. I colored this pic in MSPaint (yuk!), pixel by pixel. Looked decent before the JPG compression screwed it up. Oh well. Yoster is ©himself. (Sorry about the funky pose)

Koshi Vs. Yoshida... who will win?

  Ever wonder what a fighting game featuring the yoshi page holders would be like? I'll make it easier for you... here's what the Player Select screen would be like. Koshi vs. Yoshida, who will win? O_O Pic ©me, Koshi and Yoshida ©themselves, layout for screen ©J. Axer.

Markior? Morgana? Which way will the scales dip?

  Another Vs. screen from Yoshi Fighter 64. Just to clarify things, YF64 is not a real game, but is only a buncha pics. K? Anyway, check out the awsome poses for Markior and Morgana *proud* ^_^. Markior and Morgana ©themselves.

What's this?? I ordered shaken, not stirred!!

  Yoshi007, owner of Downtown Yoshiville. Forgot his gun. :-P Yosh007 is ©himself. Well, no I didn't forget it, I just didn't want to draw it in cuz I sucketh at guns. XP

Pink Yoshi... seen 'er page?

  Drew a pic of Pinkyosh one day when I got all hyper. Pink's a kick-butt friend of mine. ^_^ I didn't like how my pics looked choppy with the pixels and all, so I tried making it a little softer looking. Doing that kinda stuff is a real pain. :-P Pinkyosh is ©her webpage hostin' self.

'shida, 'shida, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!

  Mandy, Minerva, Diana, and Mecca-- demz da cheerleedrz. Yah... *Mandy's so cute ^_^* All characters ©me.

KoRn Rocks!

Kornoshia won one of my mini-contests way back when, so I drew her char. :-) God, I completely messed up on the hair, looks like... I dunno what it looks like, but it doesn't look like hair. Sorry. ^_^`;; Kornoshia is ©Poshi Darkwaave.

Du duu d'DU du!

  The original green yoshi! *Wow* Drawn 4 da Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi is ©Nintendo of America. I can do better than this now, maybe I aughta try...

Serena Yoshi

  'Tis my friend, Serena, goddess of wisdom, sister of Morgana, of the Yoshi Ghost House webpage. Argh, I made the eyes look retarded...! Sorry, S! ;_; My bad... Serena ©her creator.

Creating characters is a hobby

 *cough cough* Another funky idea I came up with while being dead bored over the summer. Yoshi Y-team (as in A-team, har har.) Miya is ©me.

Be happy-- I have recently reduced the size of that enormous poof of hair!!

  Paxton, 'nuther Y-team member. When the yoshi community was plagued with anti-yoshies, he got dissed bigtime. >_<;; I've changed his hair now, check page 9. Hez ©me again.

Slow down, dude!

 Commodore, Y-team member #3. He was supposed to be red and yellow, but I thought blue and yellow would look better. *shrug* Commodore is ©me.

Die, Flora, die!!

  Argh, Flora, stupid yoshi goddess of seduction... *pounds on pic with a sledgehammer* Lousy-butt goddess who steals away boyfriends!! Die, Flora! Flora's ©my pathetic self.

On fait une belle couple, non?

  Couple pic for Yoshida when we wuz dating. I'm ©myself, Yoshida's ©himself. Online dating is evil-- don't start, kiddies!

Yoshira vs. Koshi in ACTION!

  Yoshi Fighter 64 pic-- during gameplay. Yoshira or Koshi, who will prevail? Joy for the nifty 3D background provided by L. Walters.. *_* Pic ©me, characters ©their creators.

Uh oh, it's Zippo's hand beam!

  Nuther Yoshi Fighter pic. Me an' Zippo. Zippo has a handbeam in the game, nifty, no? Pic ©me, characters ©themselves.

Yoshi, Boshi, and Trixi! Comin' at ya!

  Nifty pic promoting the [now dead] Yoshi Comic. Yoshi's eyes r 2 big... gaw... `-_-;; Yoshi, Boshi ©Nintendo, Trixi ©me an' Yoshida.

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