Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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o/` o/` o/`...

  The Gods idea is pretty lame and outdated (sorry, peeps!), but when it was fresh, I drew a bunch of 'em. This guy's the god of the winds. (I know, it's not historically accurate as far as the name goes, but whatever, let me have my fun!) Apollo is ©me.  

"It was a walking mushroom, a brown mushroom I say!  With big feet and large teeth... I believe they call them... Goombas?..."

  This show kicks butt. This time our favorite agents are interrogating a witness. Woo :-) Mulder/Scully yoshies © Zippo.

Diana, the yoshi goddess of the shadow

  More god stuffs... Diana, Apollo's twin sister, yoshi goddess of light. ...Gee, I used to make the heads too big. @_@ Diana is ©me again.

Minerva Yoshi

  Gettin' tired of 'em yet? =P I went on a creating spree. I think we were studying Greek Mythology when this little phase set in (mythology is so fascinating!). Anyway, Minerva is the yoshi goddess of electricity. She's my third favorite char I've created so far. (And sadly, I've made ALOT!) Min is ©me.

Cronus Yoshi - God of fire

  *gets slapped* Okay, okay, I'm almost done! X_x Cronus is the yoshi god of fire. He's also Diana's sweety. Cronus is ©me.

Neptune Yoshi

  Watch it, Neptune's a pretty brash, meanie-butt yoshi, but only when he's cranky. He's the god of Water. He's ©me again.

Teal Yoshi

  TealYoshi, one of my close friends. Cheque owt hiz starry skinn... Teal is ©Josh Perry, aka TealYoshi.

By the stars...!!

  Zello's Commencement, when she got transformed into a god... namely, me. This came out soooo gooood... ^_^  For more info, check the Mythology section. Zello is ©me.

Yoshira's Silhouette

  Prince Yoshira, again! Silhouette this time. :-) Yoshira is ©himself.

"For the last time, Agent Scully, what is Mulder

Quicky, poorly colored pic I drew while watching the corresponding episode in the reruns. Okay, I think that's enough X-files pics for now. ^_^;; I will be soully dedicated to this show until the day I die. Pic ©me. Oh yeah, the guy's trying to get Skully to spit out Mulder's location (cuz he's missing), but she wont' do it. Sweetness...

StaryYoshi - one of the goddesses of the stars

  StaryYoshi, one of the goddesses of the stars. This one came out decent, 'specially the glowy effect. :-) Stary is ©her wand-swingin' self. Another pic for one of those people who got a pic, then just up and left. Suckage.

Golden Robo-Yoshi.... one really mean guy

  Okay, Golden Robo-Yoshi's the bad one. He killz yoshies for fun! `o_o Boo... dig the nifty reflections! G. Robo-Yoshi is ©Yosh007.

Mandy Yoshi... i'nt she cute?

  My desperate attempts to draw a young yoshi have paid off, but not very well. Mandy's cute, but her nose is a little weird... Gah... Mandy's ©me.

Say "Cheese doodles!"

  Wowwie, big group pic we have here. O_o I's a photo shoot, but I don't think any of us can keep still. Say hi to Golden Robo-Yoshi, Morgana, Silvie, Poshi, Zippo, Luna, Yoshira, Koshi, Teal, WhiteYoshi200, and Banshee. We are all ©ourselves, so don't steal our names or anything. 

Zippo's name has nothing to do with Zippo lighters.

  My pal and fellow webpage holder, Zippo McYoshi, with his Pikachu, Pikatwo, and the Super Crystal Egg. I drew it for his webpage. Zippo, and Pikatwo are ©Zippo McYoshi, the cyber yoshi.

Guardian Spirit

  Markior's my pal and guardian spirit, so how could I not draw him? He's kewl looking, no? *_* Markior's ©his spooky kick-butt self. 

Edrinicus talks in poetic lines...

  Edrinicus's one of those cloaked yoshies that gives you advice in poetic riddles. Say, where are the other four? Edrinicus (and other spiritual beings) ©me.

Misty and Jigglypuff!!

  Okay, still trying to draw a baby yoshi... didn't quite do it. -_-`;; Oy... Misty yoshi is ©me, Jigglypuff is ©Nintendo, Gamefreak, Creatures inc.

Victor Yoshi, cool, no?

  Victor Yoshi's cool... dunno why I drew him, musta been bored or somethin'. o_o Reminds me of Neptune. Victor's ©me again.

::sniffle:: Who will prevail?

  Old pic of me all chained up and powerless. Nasty meanie yoshies take my medalion. >_< Boo... I'm ©myself.

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