Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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Okay, okay, Meru, don't lose your pants over the matter! Hehe!! I crack myself up... (6/12/2000)

  Continuing on with the Gaziani pic line, we have Poshi tauntingly stealing Meru's shorts! Ooo, Meru does not look too happy about that, no sirree. Eh, I figured you all got the picture with the shirt thing and stuff, so I added a background this time. Backgrounds give the pic more flare. *nods* Kay... Poshi ©herself, Meru ©me. These are cute, I aughta draw more sometime.

Jade's so mysterious... *_* (6/15/2000)

  Jade was feeling low one day, so I drew her a piccie. :-) And here it is. I used the same background idea as in my Euphoria pic, cuz... I dunno, it's pretty. ^_^ Hope yur feelin' better, Jade! *hugs* JadeYoshi is ©herself. (Hey, I just noticed I messed up on the eyes... yeck..)

Urgh, cheap pic, sowwie >_< (6/16/2000)

 Oy, I tried again, but I failed at making Sparkle a SUPER cool pic. >_< Why meee... I struggle with the rainbow stuff, I think. *shrugs* Sparkle is ©herself.

Look, peeps, this pic doesn't suck eggs!! (6/17/2000)

 Look, everybody, it's that newer, better pic of Meoshi I promised you! :-P ...Five years later, it seams... Oh well, I'm just glad I didn't mess up bad as I did last time :-P That was just embarrassing... Meoshi is ©Noelle-sama.

Long piccie? Er, just say she wrote it on a scroll. O.o;; (6/18/2000)

 Anybody who's been in a chatroom with me and Jade has probably heard of a guy called Yoshi423. Here's a journal entry of Zello's (before I became Luna) to let you know who this guy is. (Btw, I hope you have your web compression off, because otherwise you might not be able to read the writing!) Zello ©me, Silvie ©Jade, Yoshi423 ©Brett. Coloring turned out real well.

Ice/Rainbow Powerrrrr!! (6/20/2000)

  Sailor Polaris! Er... Sparkle's Sailor Moon character. :-) This pic was originally meant for Vaporshi, but just after I drew it, she left the Yoshi community, so I changed it to Sparkle. Then, of course, with my luck, Vap came back. >_< Oy... Oh well. Sailor Polaris ©Sparkle-san.

I'll right wrongs and triumph over evil!.. And that means YOU, Valeo!! (6/22/2000)

 Sailor Kesshou, my Sailor Moon character. ^_^ Kesshou means "crystalization". I'm sporting my new look in this pic (thinner bangs and longer spikes). Oy, I gotta practice more on anthro stuffs, my proportions need work. >_< Hoi... Sailor Kesshou is ©me.

Don't feel bad if you weren't in it-- I ran out of equasions for nicknames. O.o (6/23/2000)

  This is sort of an inside joke. One day in Pre-Calc class, my teacher was asked if she was ever a part of a Math club in college, and if they had dorky nicknames for each other like "pi squared". :-P You'd have to be there, but it was funny. So I drew a piccie of some of the members of the Math club! Some of these peeps I aughta draw more often... -_-`;; If you don't understand these terms, kiddies, keep in school so you can find out and be smart. ~_^ Everybody ©ourselves.

Gnyaaaaahh!! Sparkle, what'd the stop sign ever do to you?? (6/25/2000)

   Sparkle drew me a really cute pic of me and Echo, I drew her a.. uh... pic of her and Mystic, her loudmouth, scornful mew who bugs her all the time. O.o  Well oy, I think it turned out alright, except the Markior, who I had to mirror because he wouldn't fit on the other side. >_< *sigh* Here's a bit of trivia: This pic took me about three hours to make. O_o;; Sparkle and Mystic are ©Sparkle, Markior and Markily ©Markior, Me and Echo ©me.

Psionic BLAST!! *misses* O.o;; (6/272000)

  Still working on perspectives. This pic isn't all that hot, in fact, it's kinda cheap! (Only took me about a half hour to complete). Sorry Markior, this pic is more sketch than actual pic. :-\ *sigh* Markior ©himself.

The, uh, curtains look like shower curtains with those rings there. O.o (6/28/2000)

  Janelle, looking sorrowfully out her bedroom window. I thought I needed practice at drawing backgrounds, so I drew a bit of one here. Tho, on Janelle herself, I could have done much better. A more dynamic head angle, a cuter pose, but no, just this. >_< Gaw... It's sad, really. Janelle copyright ©me. Yeah, whatever. I kinda like her dress, tho...

I could've done SOOO much better, dang it... (6/30/2000)

  Quick, badly inked, and badly colored pic of Sailor Calisto >_<. She won my mini-contest, and when I realized I hadn't drawn her pic yet, I freaked out and drew this. -_-;; I sowwie... And her hair's supposed to be BRAIDED, but since I can't draw that much detail into a pic that's only two inches tall, I made it french roped. -_-;; Sheesh... not to mention the fact that I ran out of room on the paper and couldn't draw her feet! >_< *sigh* Sailor Calisto ©herself. -_-`;;

*giggle* Zello-san! ^_^ You're home! (7/2/2000)

  C'est Mandy! ^_^ Colored version of a b/w pic. Mandy (character and pic) ©me. That character © the creator goes for every pic listed before and after this one, so don't impersonate these peeps without their permission.

Drugs suck. Don't do 'em, kids. (7/13/2000)

  Don't smoke, kiddies, you have no idea how much it ruins your life. (Plus, it smells and makes your teeth rot, eww...) Yes, I realize I have been fully programmed by the D.A.R.E. program to stay away from drugs, and that's why I made this pic! Cuz I want the both of us to live passed age 70. Besides, why get your thrills from drugs and pills when you can get your kicks from yoshi pics?... Corny slogan, I know... >_<  Janelle and punker chick yoshi ©me. Messed up on the body proportion.

One year from now I'll look at this and laugh at all the mistakes I made. (7/19/2000)

    I'm still working on my anthros, and I'm still obsessed with Sailor Moon. It's Poshi as Sailor Saturn (my ever-so-FAVORITE senshi). There are way too many screw ups for me to count, proportionwise. So, I don't like this pic. :-p Maybe it's cuz the background is depressing. *shrugs* Poshi ©herself, Sailor Saturn is ©Toei.

Watchu lookin' at? ...Jealous? (7/22/2000)

  Pocket Aurora and Janelle. Aurora is Sparkle's own favorite character [I think], and Janelle's mine. I think they're both pretty awesome, so I drew 'em and stuff. Yup. I like Janelle's pose. ^_^ Aurora is ©Sparkle-san, Janelle ©me. Jan's arms are a little long, tho...

I uh... drew it on a letter, scanned it, THEN sent the letter. >_< Wuz it that confusing? (7/23/2000)

  This pic was originally on a letter I sent to Noelle-san. I scanned it before I sent it and colored it and shtuff. ^_^ So here it is! I sorta got the pose from a huge Pokémon poster of mine. Meoshi is ©Noelle, so don't copy!

*sigh* Lovely night, isn't it? (8/14/2000)

   It's Aurora in a nightshirt. ^_^ I wanted to put her in a pretty bedroom scene, but I couldn't draw it, nor could I find a decent photo of one, so now she's just gotta background. O.o Prettiness... Aurora is ©Sparkle.

I am partyfrock Poshi! Here's your evidence, Mr. President. (Perfect Dark joke)  (8/16/2000)

  Lotta purdy pics lately, huh? O_o Oh well. I figured I needed to draw Poshi a bit more often, so I drew 'er in a party frock. :-P Though it looks as tho I had a wedgey when I drew the pose, and the little part of the dress caught up on the leg was just for practice. I guess it's okay, aside from that stuff. Haha-- pic ©'s are on the pic!! >=D U can't steal our characters THIS time!! Poshi is ©herself. 

Here, Meo-chan! ^_^ A gomamon! *gets bitten by it* Oww, @#$%... (8/17/2000)

  *Late* Birthday pic for Noelle-san. ^_^`;; I couldn't remember which Digimon was her favorite, so she gets a Gomamon. >_o;;  The H got cut off during scanning, and I'm wearing weird shoes. *shrugs* Okay... Meo ©Noelle S., I'm ©me, and Gomamon is ©Toei.

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