Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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Pocket 007! Plush Dratini not included.

  More pocket pics! Stupid-butt JPG compression killed this pic... Sowwie... Yosh007 is ©his Yoshivillian self.

Markior... cute?? Wowwie...

  It's the Markior v.Pocket! Yay... *hugs for the smokey yoshi* *cough cough* *little too smokey* Markior's ©his kick butt self.

Aren't dey cute? ^_^

  Since Koshi and Vaporshi both like Vaporeon the best, I drew them together with a Vaporeon plush. See, sharing is fun! ^_^ I think this pic came out pretty good, even with hardly-noticeable JPG compression... Koshi ©himself, Vaporshi ©herself.

Jade's kinda mysterious... O.o

  Pocket Jade. I think this one came out even better than the one above. O_o Here ya go, Jade, hope you like it! ^_^ Jade's ©her creator. She's so pretty.. (And after a year and a half, I still like it!)

Sparkle-san so mystical *_*

   Ha, thought I was gonna post another pocket pic, huh? Well, that's okay, I just posted a quickie sil pic of Sparkle-san. Sparkle actually likes my sil pics! ;_; Shucks, I feel appreciated... so I made 'er one. ^_^ Sparkle ©herself.

Die, Flora!!

  Happy Valentine's Day, peeps! *takes out a cattle prod* Argh, even as a pocket she has a better figure than me!! *prods the piccie* (Remember Flora? Goddess of Seduction? Boyfriend stealer?) Ah, well... Cherub/Pocket Flora's ©me. (Woops! Gave her a little too much color on her face... oh well, call 'er sunburned >:)

Bathroom? Er... O.O`;;

   Slightly humorous pic of Paxton and Mandy.  "Er, potty? O_o" Hehe... Paxton and Mandy are ©me, Background photo ©Corel.


Valentine's Day pic for Markior and Serena when they were together. :-) ... Er, sorta awkward now, unfortunately. See-- this is why I don't draw couple pics. >_< Oh well. Serena and Markior are ©themselves.

Lalala, this is old.

I'll be replacing another misplaced pokemon pic with an old pic I never added. It's Bronze again, the one I did before the other two. He didn't like it because I didn't add his "comb" (oy..). That's supposed to be a bronze eggbox he's sitting on. Oh well... Bronze is ©Yoshi786.

**snuggle buggles...**

  I couldn't find a decent photo with a nearby tree to put the young luvrs under, so they get to sit in some grass. >_< *sigh* Another late Valentine's day pic. Zello is ©me, Critter's ©himself'rs. Photo ©Corel.

Tis very old!

  I estimate I drew this in between my old IG and DanceYoshi pics (or even earlier!). So it's old, but I never scanned it... probably cuz Mr. RPG took off before I could show it to 'im. `o_o Oh well, tuff luck for him... YoshiRPG is ©himself.

So I said to him, "No way!" and he said...

  No, this isn't really new either, it's a pic of Ruby and Silvie in that rejected fanfic I told you about in the description of the Yoshi vs. RoboYoshi pic. Can you tell I just colored it today instead of two years ago? O.o I thought so... Ruby ©me, Silvie ©Jade-sama.

Come visit my Arena!

  DrakonisYoshi the Tenth (a.k.a. Dra-Yoshi X), my pal. ^_^ He's Morgana's (who's become a vampire since I last drew 'er) hubby. Yeah... Dunno what else to say. Dra is ©himself. Thanx again, Corel!

  Semi-old overhead pic of the original yoshi. I drew this at the same time I drew Yidzoe and Gem. Someone asked me if I could make some pics of the original yoshi colors, so here ya go! (Personally, I can't STAND the light blue...) Er, light blue yoshi ©Nintendo of America, Inc., peeps!

Hey, what's that on your shoulder? Just kidding...

   Slumps suck, and this's what I drew when I was in one. It's my good pal, Meoshi, who deserves a much better pose than this one. >_< Sowwie... Meoshi ©Noelle-san.

Uh oh, somebody's gonna get it!

 Finally, a newer pic of Luna that I can use in chatrooms and stuff... I couldn't use the group or sil pics, so I was stuck with that old one. Now I have a new one! ^_^ Yay... but hmmm, I'm either looking cool or am plotting revenge on somebody. Possibly someone who copied my style again. I hate those people... `o_o  Gawd, peeps, don't copy me!! I'm stinkin' ©me, dang it!! Hoi...

WHAT did you say about my personality??!! I'm a perfectly nice guy!!

 Whoa, someone really tee'd Neptune off. O_o U better run...!  Ah, I'm proud of this pic, I've never been able to do that water effect before. ^_^ I hope I didn't rip it off of anybody subconsciously... O.O;; Ah well, I drew him because I think it's pointless to create a character and only draw it once, so... Neptune's ©me.

Hurry up! Our flight leaves in 10 minutes!!

 A three week old pocket pic that I just finished today. I just can't stay way from these Pocket pics... they're too much fun! >_< I'm trying not to overdo it... Well, look at 'em, they're runnin' somewhere. Thru the desert.  Hooie, here comes the copyright-- Commodore, Rory, Meru, Miya, Paxton, and Zello are all ©me.

We luv U, Articuno!!

  A four week old pocket pic of Articuno nutz Luna, Sparkle, and Yoshira. I dunno what we're watchin-- the opening of Pokémon 2000 (aka Revelation: Lugia)? Oh well, when ya can't be there, make the best of it, eh? Oy, I'm not used to CG'd backgrounds on penciled character pics... O.o Time for me to practice... Luna's ©me, Sparkle and Yoshira ©themselves.
This place kicks!
    Whoo... Janelle and Serena at a club! I tried some new lighting effects... yay. ^_^ I like Serena's pose... ...Hmmm, I gotta cut back on the Pockets! I'm still trying not to overdo it... O_O;;  Janelle ©me, Serena ©herself.

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