Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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H-O-R-S-E, I win.

 Yoshi Hoops in his street clothes. Argh, screwed up the left leg... Hoops is ©his cooky creator, BlakYoshi.

Yoshi vs. Robo

 This was supposed to be a pic for a story I was writing and gave up on. It was a big ol' novel sized thing about the story of the real yoshi (played by Yoshi423, aka YoshiWhite, etc.) and his venture to Yoshi Valley. Who sez I never drew you, Brett? `-_o Yoshi ©Nintendo, RoboYoshi ©IG.

Instant snowcone!

  Freeze Yoshi freezing a shyguy. Dig the cheap mountains! I was going through a big ol' obsession about how I needed to draw backgrounds more. That didn't get far, did it? :-P Freeze iz ©ZeroYoshi.

ECHO... Echo... echo...

 Hoops and Freeze. Turned out good, no mess ups 'cept with the flag. ^_^... And, er, with the snow... (looks like... I dunno, not snow) Zero is ©himself, Freeze is ©ZeroYoshi.

Paté? Monsier, madamoiselle?

  A butler yoshi, made especially for my pal, [Prince] Yoshira. The platter's a little messed up, but I really like that little shine on his nose! ~_^ Ye-ah... hez ©Yoshira.

Look into my eyes!

 Morgana, evil yoshi magician lady. First person I've ever known who made their char evil. O_o  Ooo, shpooky... Morgana is ©her kick-butt evil self.


  Some soccer yoshi I drew for RainboYosh. God, this was super late. He chewed me out for it, I remember (grrr, bye bye, requests!!) Drew it during nutrition break. Wow... Soccer is ©RainboYosh. Soccer ball is ©that one person's name at the bottom of the pic.

Hi five!

  Puck et Poshi, former and current owners of Yoshi Bahamas Yoshi Hyrule. Oy, Puck went byebye, too, like TRainYoshi. *Bangs head on desk*  N-E-ways, this came out pretty good, 'specially the snowy stuff. Puck is ©himself, wherever he his, Poshi is ©her webpage hosting self.

Someday.... I'll find you....

  Prince Yoshira lost his sister and is trying to find 'er again. So sad... ;_; Yoshira and Yoshia ©my pal, Yoshira. Wow, that's a cheap background. Wow, that's a cheap semi-transparent effect.


  Nuther pointless pic of Yoshi786, cool guy and owner of Yoshitopia. Koshi is ©his cool self.


  Poshi's old look. Poshi is ©herself.


   YoshiHarpo is the guy who inspired me to create the name LunaYoshi. He was a pal to me, Silvie, and White (who, at the time, was named Yoshizilla). This pic was part of the title page of that story I told you about with the Yoshi vs. Robo pic. Harpo is ©himself.

Check out my medal!

  Not bad for my first real attempt at computer coloring. ^_^ Banshee is the owner of the now outdated dead Yoshi Rox Page. Banshee is ©himself.

Wow! So heroic!

  Prince Yoshira again! His character is so cool, I had to draw it again *_*. Yoshira is ©his heroic self.

This is Bronze again, he's a little cuter this time

  Bronze again, another portion of the logo of that one story I was working on. So cute! ^_^ *Huggles the yoshi* Bronze is ©Koshi of Yoshitopia. 

This is me in a shnazzy silhouette

  This one came out REAL nice. *_* Yay, these look good, methinks I'll make some more... Luna is ©Me. 

Silvie's silhouette

  And it's a silhouette for Silvie-san! Silvie say clothes, Silvie get clothes. SilvrYoshi is ©JadeYoshi (aka SilvrYoshi).

Mulder & Scully- Eff Bee Eye

  Zippo and I were so into the X-files, I just had to draw its main characters as yoshies. Pretty boring poses, but a decent pic, in my opinion. Mulder/Scully yoshies ©Zippo McYoshi, Original characters ©that Chris Carter guy.

Well excuse ME, Princess!

 Another silhouette?! *gets crushed by overwhelming amount of Silhouette pics* Enjoy, you Zelda fans... Ya, ya, he's too skinny. :-P LinkYoshi is ©DYLink1 (er... whoever he was).

Efffffff... beeeeeee.... eeeeeyyyyyeeee...

  When they first started showing reruns, I got super happy and drew this pic. This has got to be my favorite show, it's so cool. ^_^ Mulder/Scully yoshies © Zippo McYoshi.

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