Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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Looks like there was suspicious activity here within the last 6 hours... (8/17/2000)

 After playing the computer game again, I got the urge to draw my favorite FBI agents again. This is still my very favorite show. :-) I've been watching it since the second season (even though I couldn't understand it back then), so I know what's going on. Peeps tend to dislike it cuz they... don't know what's going on. Bah, whatever. Okay, I've seen all the reruns and Mulder isn't in the new ones, so it's not my favorite anymore. =P Both agents ©Zippo/Chris Carter.

Hey, I'm Sailor Pink! What's up? (8/21/2000)

  Hey, it's Sailor Self!... Er, I mean, Sailor Pink. ^_^;; (Inside joke) My half of a pic exchange with Pink-chan. :-) Weird pose this time. O.o Sailor Pink ©Jeannie-san.

Ehehehe... you called for a bandaid, ma'am? ^_^`;; (8/22/2000)

  I messed up on this pic big time. It looked alot better before I inked it, and then it looked better before I colored it. >_< In case it's not clear, Janelle said she needed a bandaid, and a desperate yoshi overheard her and sorta tripped while running to get it to her. Psht. Yeah, whatever... So anyway, I don't like it. Janelle is ©LunaYoshi, random yoshi ©Nintendo.

Since nobody seems to have played the game, let's just consider this a pic I drew for my own pleasure. (9/4/2000)

While playing the computer game, I got the urge to draw the main characters in it. So here they are. :-) Agent Willmore and Detective Astadourian. The background is from the game itself. Both agents ©Chris Carter. (Warning: Mild Profanity). This is an actual scene in the game, so if you don't get it, play it.
Comin' atcha!! (9/22/2000)
Yoshinite Voshi, a regular at my EZboard that I'm drawing because I need to catch up on all the peeps I need to draw pics of. X_X There's alot, think I'll be able to do 'em all? Me neither, especially with me on my furry art apex. Oh well, never hurts to try. Yoshinite is ©herself. Yay 4 Photoshop backgrounds...
You're kinda cute! Mind if I kick your tail?
Zoe Yoshi, seventh member of the Y-team, which is actually kinda odd, since I sorta based the Y-team on a group of average, non-anthro crime-fighting yoshies, but oh well, time for an update, eh? That's fine. Zoe is ©SerenaYoshi.
Paxton's jumping, cuz that's what he does best! (10/22/2000)
Paxton jumping. I redid his hairstyle so he wouldn't look so "gay". There, are you happy now, you yoshi-hating fruits? Of all the stuff to nag on yoshi about, the anti-yoshies nagged on him the most, I think. Talk about immaturity... Paxton is ©me.
Sparkly heavenliness! *gets blessed* @_@ (12/2/2000)
I'm getting better... I like this one. :-) Prettiness. All (both) pics of my angel character, Euphoria, have been decent, at the very least. Some of my shaddowing is off, so beware. Colored in Paint Shop Pro, touched up (with the little sparklies!) in Photoshop. Character and pic ©LunaYoshi. Yuu no copy.
Hey, she's kinda standing at a slant. O_o (12/24/2000)
Coshi, a fellow Yoshi artist and poster at my MB. :-) She's got this really cool style, PLUS she does it all via computer, which is purdy dern good, IMHO. @_@ So, during my "hurry up and draw peeps" phase, I drew 'er. :-) Yay... Coshi is ©herself.
I should've made 'er cuter. -_-`;; (12/25/2000)
Another victim of my "hurry up and draw peeps" phase. ^_^;; KittyYoshi, the yoshi form of another cool artist, Scribbles. :-) I could've done better on this HAD I SPENT MORE TIME ON IT.. gaw... >_< *bonks herself on the head* Okay... Kitty is ©Scribbles Moonshadow.
Hey.. I overuse these facial expressions. o.o;; (1/13/2000) Tried something new with body style to prepare for college. Joyous pic of Jade and Myth-chan. =) Look, they have elbows. =P Yeah... Myth's mouth's too big. >_< Jade and Myth are ©themselves.
Vap's a cool person, it's been awhile since I drew 'er. (3/17/2001) Eh, Yoshi slumps suck. Back to my pocket style! =D It's Vapor-chan, yay. =) Trying to add two light sources this time, makes it look more realistic. So um... Vap's ©herself.
Awww, so cute... ^_^ (3/17/2001) Pocket Chou Chou Yoshi, butterfly/yoshi hybrid! ^_^ This was too creative an idea, I had to draw it. =) I absolutely ADORE all the yoshi hybrids in existence, I wanna make one too. Chouchou is ©herself. I've an affinity for butterfly/yoshi hybrids, my old penpal's yoshi char was a butterfly hybrid, too.
Hmmm... I never can find that darn "perfect triangle" constellation... (4/24/2001) I'm really proud of this one. =) Meoshi's a-thinkin! I had to recolor the water and grass more than once to get it right. Pa-ritty! ^_^ Meo is ©Noelle-chan.
We flyin'! (5/30/01) Green, Zello, and Kitty er... floating. O_o Oh well. Cute =) GIF compression kinda made it look weird, tho. Green DaYoshi is ©himself, Zello is ©me, and KittyYoshi is ©Scribbles.
If there are any other falcon/yoshi hybrids, I'm not aware of them. If I've copied anyone, I'm sorry, but it wasn't intentional. (7/6/2001) Everybody's making a hybrid yoshi, so I've jumped on the bandwagon. ^_^;; This is Nirvana, a falcon/yoshi hybrid. I like 'er alot, I'm hoping she doesn't become one of my disguarded chars, like Flora or something. I hate that... Nirvana is ©LunaYoshi. By the way, her default color is yellow, but she has the ability to change color, so don't be surprised if you see her in a different shade sometimes.
Erm, no, he's NOT eating her hair. This is actually pretty old. A gift pic for Markior and Aurora (Sparkle) when they got together in secrecy about a year ago. I think they've lost touch since then, so it's okay for me to post it now! =) I hope... ^_^`;; *gets mauled by rabid dogs* Remind me never to do couple pics. Both chars ©themselves.
Observe as I master the art of boring poses! (7/9/2001) Full body pic of Nirvana. She's pretty busty, isn't she? Nirvana is ©LunaYoshi.
She has pretty eyes in this pic, I like them. *big smile* (8/3/2001) Nirvana is my current favorite character to draw, mainly because her nose isn't round and awkward but more pointed, which makes drawing her from different angles quite a bit easier. Little more action going on in this pic. =) Tried something new with shading, turned out pretty nice. Nirvana is ©LunaYoshi. She's purple this time..
Green's a pretty color. All hail the greenliness! (9/7/2001)

Nirvana again. Green this time. ~_^ Sorry about lack of yoshi art, I've been scribbling stuff and nothing looks good enough to scan. Nirvana is ©LunaYoshi. Woohoo, this'll be my 200th posted Yoshi pic! *cheers* Hey, um... the first pic on this page is over a year old. O_o;; I gotta get crackin' on more art, geeze.

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