Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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>Bzzt< Targeting-system-active...

  Get a load of Modulosho, an upgraded version of those evil robot yoshi things... Brrr, scary. O_o He's ©me.

Hey, where's Luna? Oh, she's taking the picture...

  Rejoice, another group pic of all da yoshies! Check da t'ought balloons... I'm holdin' da camera. ^_^ Yoshira, Kornoshia, Markior, Banshee, 007, Yoshida, Koshi, Zippo, and Poshi are all © their creators.

The Beginning of something big!

 Please forgive the cheap 15-year old corniness. >_<;; Diana visits Cronus before he's commenced into a god and love sparks. Musta been lonely the day I drew this. O_o;; Sorry sorry sorry... Both chars ©me.

I'll get you yet, Zippo!!!

  See Opiz take over Zippo's webpage. See Zippo get pissed. See Zippo pound Opiz to kibble. Pound, Zippo, pound! Opix and Zippo ©Zippo McYoshi.

Janelle's on fiyah, baby!

Trying something new-- semi-anthro, teenage yoshies. :-P With clothes and stuff. Oh well, I like this pic, except for the leg. Janelle ©me again. She's currently my second favorite char.

Head cheerleader!

  Mecca, the cheerleader yoshi person girl. She'z kewl, gotz a nifty sweatshirt... Gnyahh, bad porportions!! X_X Mecca is ©me, yet again.

Zippo's select stage.

  I'd hardly call this a piece of art, but it's better than nothing. This's what the Stage select screen looks like on Yoshi Fighter 64. Happy Non-holiday Day, Zippo! ^_^;; Pic ©me, Zippo ©himself.

o/` Flyin' high,... high, high....

   When yur modem duzn't work, u tend 2 draw a little more... Look at 'em fly! It's the new Y-team: Rory, Paxton, Commodore, Meru, Miya, and Zello. Inspired by the intro to Digimon (omigod! I said the "D" word!). Oy, I hate that stupid JPG compression!! --They're all ©me.

What's up, Meru?

  If you don't know who Meru is, see above. Ah, Meru says "peace!"... Meru is ©me, silly.

  Another overhead-view pic. I think I'm getting a little better at the computer coloring, no? ^_^ Yidzoe is ©his creator. Er, ahem, you're WELCOME, whoever created you, thanks for saying thanks, by the way! `o_o

  Okay, I drew this pose with no idea as to who the identity of it would be, so I held a contest. Peeps could send in their descriptions, and I'd choose one and color it.  Well, I'm a sucker for those smiley faces =), so I colored it three different ways. ^_^`;;  Shown is Gem, go here for Saharah and Millieniungul (and no, I cannot pronouce that last name...). All three are ©their separate creators.  

Sparkle, goddess of ice!

  Sparkle's my kewl MB buddy and fellow artist. You're looking at the product of what's known as a "pic exchange". She drew me in return, purdy nifty. ^_^ I like drawing my MB buddies... Sparkle's ©her kewl goddess-of-ice/color self, man...

C'est la Markior!

  It's been a full year since I drew Markior's first pic. After staring at the old one for awhile, it's like-- I can do way better than this!! So here ya go, Markior, enjoy! Markior is ©himself.

Zello sez "hi!"

  Zello again, my former self. She's married, y'know... (don't get any ideas) O_o Zello is ©me, the one and only.

Vaporshi's kewl, I tell ya!

  I've been such a MB junky these last few weeks... *_* Vaporshi's ©herself, Background photo ©Corel Gallery. I got Corel for Christmas, it's so handy, I love it. :-)

o/` Soaring through the skies, oh yeah...

  Yet another message board buddy. Used a photo bg again. Yeah... DragonYosh's© her creator.

Here comes Zippo!

  Okay, Zippo's old image I did a year ago was pissing me off because of how simple it is, so I drew the Zip-meister a new pic. No Pikatwo this time... Sorry, tis a fruity pose... Zippo is ©his kewl self. 

Issa baybee!!

  C'est la pocket version de moi. "Pocket"as in big head, hands, feet, small limbs, etc. Cute, no? I B holdin' an Articuno plush.  Pocket Luna is ©me. And that whole Pocket style is ©me, too.

Sparkle-san asa baybee!

Another Pocket pic! Kawaii, ne? Sparkz has an Articuno plushie, too (long live Arti-arti!). Sparkle is ©her kewl self. Peeps seem to like this style. I'm glad. ^_^

It's a baybee Cammi!

Yet another pocket pic! If you don't know who Cammi is, please email me and tell me which rock you've been hiding under. Looka da Charizard plushie... Cammi's ©herself

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