Luna's Yoshi Color Art
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An apple a day, yessiree!

  The first pic on this page is-- wow! -- an animation, alright! An orange yoshi eating an apple, good 4 him. Notice the lack of shading and stuff... it's hard to get all that exactly right on each and every frame, so I wuz stuck wid da gradient tool.  Bah... I was going to have it growl at you as if you were going to take it from him, but that woulda been too much work. -_-;; Maybe I'll add it in someday. Enjoy, nonetheless. Pic ©me.

What a lovely place!

  A scenic pic drawn as the BG of the sanctuary's new old layout. I tried to draw something that symbolizes peacefulness and nature. If I had more time, or hadn't been so lazy, I could've gotten more texture on the plantlife and such. -_-`;; The colors are a bit extravagant, too... Pic ©me. Those are just random yoshies...


  I felt bad cuz I drew Zippo and Markior better pics, but not one for 007. So here he is! Can you tell I drew it while in the slump? Yeah... cheap-looking gun, too. Toldja I can't draw guns. -_-;; Oh well... 007's ©himself, BG photo ©Corel.


  Sparkle again. I wanted to draw her a better pic cuz on the last one, I messed up on her hair. This is also sort of a *ahem* bribe to get her to update her page more often, *ahem*... Whoops, and I screwed up on the eyes again... I hate when I do that!! >_< Oy, Sparkle-san's ©herself.


 Pocket Meo, yay! ^_^ Hey, I just realized this looks alot like Sparkle in that Articuno pocket group pic... O_o Whoops... Oh well, it's cute anyway... Meo ©Noelle-san.


  New pic o' Vaporshi. I'm still trying to get better at the contrast levels... Pics with high contrast look cool when you make 'em smaller via Zoom Out. ^_^ Er, a stupid reason, but it works... Vapor's ©herself, BG pic ©Corel, like they all are.


  Whew, it took me forever to draw Poshi, who's drawn me so many times in return. ^_^`;; Oh well, weird-ozz background, but... heck. Poshi's ©herself.


  Newer better pic of Janelle. What's with me and hands these days, I dunno... -_-;; No background this time, I thought they were starting to get corny. >_< Oh well, I really like this pic, and I REALLY like that outfit!! Aaaaa, I wannit... Janelle is ©me. (Darn right!)


  Tried something new with the head... *sigh* Sucked again. -_-`;; Oh well, this is Zippo's new (?) look. I was the first to draw it, so... no reference for meee. Zippo is ©himself.


  Super old pic of some flirtatious yoshies. I think I drew this when Yoshi's Story was new and popular. Oh well, I was gonna send this into Nintendo Power, but obviously, if I just scanned it now, I never got around to doing so. :-P Da yoshies ©Nintendo. 


   Boring pic of Rory. He was the only Y-team member that didn't have a pic of him standing alone yet, and I sorta needed one for my fanfic, so here it is-- boring as heck. :-P One of these days I'll outgrow the boring poses... Oh well. Rory's ©me.


  Happy Easter, peeps! It's Minerva again, pocket style this time. Minerva is fast becoming has become one of my favorite characters, among Janelle and Zello. I have my favorites of other peeps' characters, too, but I won't go into that here.... Bunny Minerva ©me.


   Meet Euphoria, an angel yoshi. ^_^ I hadn't drawn an angel yoshi before, so I thought I'd give it a try, and I love the results! I think I'll put my humbleness to the side for this pic, sorry... Euphoria ©ME, style of drawing wings ©Allytha the Gryphon, I think. Peeps-- don't copy this pic unless you want to die. `o_o


   Pocket pic of Morgana. Oy, I had no reference when I colored this, so I hope I got the wings right! O.O Oh yeah, peeps, if you didn't hear earlier, Morg went gothic on us and changed into a vampire yoshi since I last drew 'er. Oh well, that's okay, gives me a chance to practice at my bat wings. :-) There's alotta yoshies around with those things, now... Morgana is ©herself.

This one's cute, I like it

   Sparkle and I in one of those Carnival photo booths. Sometimes we can sorta... lose our sanity. %-)  Hehe... we're ©ourselves. (Oy, Meru...!! Get yur own booth...)  


    My MB pal, Toshi; the inventor of the humorous "Toshi dance." ^_^ ..Er, you'd have to see it... o.O It's cute, tho... Toshi is ©himself.


   Zippo had an evil clone, so I thought it'd be fun to make me one, too. Here's mine-- a witchy, nunchuck-wielding pimpstress. Check out the bad job I did on her leather. >_< Gaw... oh yeah, and the pic's off center because I wanted peeps to see the rest of the little table she's sitting next to. Purdy, no? I guess... Terra is ©me.


   It's been almost two years since I last/first drew Apollo, so I thought I'd do it again. I just recently perfected my overhead-view yoshi head, so I put that to work, and I also tried to be more realistic with the smoke. Smoke IS supposed to be transparent after all, isn't it? O.o Well, here he is... boy I've improved... Apollo, god of the winds, is ©me.
Gaziani Yoshicized shirt design #1 (6/7/2000)    Any of you seen those Gaziani shirts you get at Millers Outpost? The ones with either the girl doing something to the guy, the guy doing something to the girl, or some devil boy doing something to whatever? Those are Gaziani brand shirts, and I think they kick heavy. ^_^ I drew one of the scenes on one of those T's, only in Yoshi form. Wingless, hawaiian Poshi is ©herself, and hawaiian Meru is ©me. Original shirt poses, etc. ©Gaziani. Please don't rip this idea off me!

Pleeze don't snip my grass skirt!! (6/9/2000)

  More antics from Island Girl™ Poshi and Meru. Can you tell this is from one of the guy's T's? ^_~  Okay... Poshi is ©herself, Meru ©me, and this line of pics is ©me, too.

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